A little life update plus random wedding photos!

Good Morning!

I haven’t really blogged much about my life lately. It’s pretty early right now and Aaron is still asleep so I thought I would write a little update. I may or may not get up, find my camera and see if I have any relevant pictures for this post. Leaning toward not. WORDS my friends. Typed words. But still words.

Let’s see, I’ve been running a bit more lately. My little training schedule started for the half marathon last week so I actually went to North Park and ran outside. The last time I ran outside was November 11th! I did 5 miles around the lake and it was beautiful!

I started coaching Girls on the Run last week also. I’m an assistant coach at Pittsburgh Dilworth which is a Pittsburgh Public School in East Liberty/Highland Park. I don’t really have much experience interacting with elementary school girls but it’ll be fun! My office is letting me leave early every Tuesday until the end of May to go and coach too.

Aaron and I went to dinner at Pho Van last night in the Strip. I had a Groupon so we went there right after work. We were both starving and traffic gets ridiculously bad in Pittsburgh when it rains…

Anyway, the place is right on Penn Avenue in between 20th and 21st street. It’s a pretty small dining room and was almost completely empty when we got there (it was only 5:20 pm…)

Our waitress was great and asked us if we had any questions about the menu. We ordered a kettle of Oolong tea and shrimp spring rolls to start.

The tea came out in a little cast iron kettle. We both oddly love cast iron so thumbs up with the kettle and cups. The spring rolls came out a few minutes later and were beautiful and delicious! We wanted to eat the dipping sauce with a spoon.

For dinner, I ordered Pho Ga (noodle soup with chicken) and Aaron had the combination fried rice. Everything was delicious! My noodle bowl was great! It came with a small plate of bean sprouts, bell pepper, basil and lime to add into the soup. I also added Sriracha and made it SPICY. The chicken in the soup was great too. There were big pieces of all white meat pulled chicken that was cooked perfectly. Aaron also really liked his fried rice. He said it was the perfect amount of food too. It had the fried rice in the center and then grilled vegetables, shrimp, pork and beef around the edges and served on a pretty square plate.

With our $20 Groupon, the meal only came to $3.21 + tip!

We’ll definitely go back to Pho Van and take pictures next time. Great service, great food and like a mile away from our house!

So this blog post sort of turned into a restaurant review… back to what’s been going on!

We got home from Pho Van around 730 last night and decided to clean the house a little. We ended up organizing the dining room. There were a million boxes of stuff to take into the basement. Anyone looking for old Br’er Fox albums??


Aaron sorted through all of the boxes and I sorted through our piles of mail and papers. I sorted everything into piles and then created new file folders for each for the filing cabinet. We also put all of our “important documents” into a little locked box. It’s nice to have everything organized and now we can actually find things! Thank goodness I now know where my Delta Frequent Flier card is.

At 9:15 I started to get tired and fell asleep on the couch. I must have been REALLY tired because I didn’t move until Aaron woke me up at 2 AM to get into bed. So I slept from 9:15 until about 7:30!

Not sure what is going on for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow is my birthday!! Then we’re leaving for Tennessee early Wednesday morning! My brother and sister-in-law rented a cabin in the mountains for the week so we’re going to stay with them for a few days. My two little nephews will be there too!

Parker and Addison (right before my wedding):




My sister-in-law and Parker:


And some good ones of me…


Tying the bustle  


I wore purple shoes! My boss actually also owns a shoe store called Bond Street Shoes in Shadyside and gave me shoes for the wedding!



Our ceremony was outside by the gazebo in the background and then the reception was in the big barn also in the background.


Serious faces…


And my favorite picture:


This concludes the most random blog post ever. Have a good Saturday!


Tara Inn Review

I just realized that I never blogged about our first Bed and Breakfast experience. SHOCKING since I only blog about once a week these days.

Aaron and I spent a night in a little “Country Inn” called the Tara Inn. It’s about an hour and a half away from Pittsburgh.

It’s one of those bed and breakfasts with themed rooms that each have a name. We chose the Lilac Room. Lilac wallpaper and all.

We both loved the fireplace and now want to cut into a wall in our house and install one.


I only wore leggings all weekend.


Hanging out in one of the common rooms with a bunch of old confederate paraphernalia. Creepy.





After we arrived at the Inn, we started wandering around. It’s a pretty big place with 15 guest rooms or something. They also have the creepiest indoor pool imaginable. Seriously. Statues. Wallpaper. Artificial flowers.


We had dinner in the formal dining room. Creep city.


It was a 7 course dinner. I think I got pictures of all of my courses.

First up, Chicken Consomme with a blue cheese roll:


Next was a salad with blue cheese, pears, cranberries and super oily dressing. Really good salad, just a tad oily for me. I’m a vinegar person.


This was Aaron’s salad. It was a caesar salad in an asiago bowl with balsamic reduction:


Third was mini lobster tail:


Palate cleansing macerated berries:


Creeptastic piano man:


For the main course, we both chose some kind of seafood soup thing with caviar on top. The flower was edible too! This dish was really good!



Okay apparently I didn’t take a picture of dessert! I had bananas foster which was delicious!! Aaron had eggnog cheesecake but we basically both just ate mine.

The last course was port and fruit I think. That was my first time having port. HORRIBLE! ick.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching a hilariously bad movie in the LILAC room.

The next morning, we chose to have breakfast in the room..wearing robes.


I had oatmeal! with brown sugar and raisins. Grapefruit on the side. Aaron had steak and eggs.


So my comments about the Tara Inn — It was a fun experience which we’ll definitely remember but it was a tad over-priced. It also wasn’t really what we were looking for in the way of a B&B. We had visions of being a guest at a big welcome home and this was not that. The employees there were clearly uninterested high school kids who weren’t all that helpful. Also, the decor was like Vegas bed and breakfast. Not my thing.

And did I mention that it was CREEPY?

It was a good experience but we won’t be going back.

There are many, many more bed and breakfasts that we’d like to try. Next time we’d like to stay at a smaller B&B where the proprietors actually live there and you mingle with other guests. This one didn’t promote the mingling very much at all and I think that’s what most people expect and look forward to when they decide to stay at a bed and breakfast.

Alright done with the Tara Inn review! Time for me to get up to bed! It’s 9:35 PM after all.

Pray for a snow day tomorrow!