Baking Christmas cookies in February is pretty normal

It’s Sunday evening. Work tomorrow….

I haven’t blogged in a few days so I have the whole weekend to write about. First up, Friday evening.

I went to The Wrekids release show at The Thunderbird. The two members of this little band are a husband & wife duo and are actually going to be DJ-ing our wedding!! I’m very excited that they’ve agreed to do it for us because they’re funny and awesome! I’m also excited to be saving some $$ by not hiring a regular DJ.

The Wrekids:


They took us on a lyrical journey:


Good stuff!


Next band up was Nik Westman & the Central Plains:


I’m pretty sure Nik Westman (on guitar) is a chef at Kaya in the Strip District. See this blog post totally relates to food.


If you live in Pittsburgh, or near Pittsburgh or if you want to take a road trip to Pittsburgh, The Central Plains have their CD release show March 5th at the Thunderbird again. I will be there!

Aaron is on stage in this picture….


The last band was Meeting of Important People.


The show Friday night was lots of fun! My friend Laura came out plus a bunch of other friends including LYDIA, who has her own little blog and it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Lydia!!!!

Saturday morning, Aaron and I had an appointment at the florist in Leechburg for our wedding flowers. The florist, Vicky, was AWESOME and we’re all set on the flowers now and in budget!

After our floral appointment, we were feeling productive so we stopped at The Addison House in Leechburg for some lunch and to check out their catering menu. We’re hoping to find a caterer in Leechburg for the wedding. It’ll be easier than transporting food from the city and cheaper plus we want to support Leechburg! It’s a sweet little town. I’m pretty sure Aaron and I are going to move there and open a bakery.

You know, maybe.

Saturday evening, we practiced our baking skills with a few friends.

Aaron and Jason:


It was Sara’s birthday! Happy Birthday Sara!! I think she reads the blog…


We all wore aprons:


Who doesn’t make Christmas cookies in February?


Sara — Aaron — Me — Gina


I look a little rough…


We baked cream cheese sugar cookies and then it was time to decorate!


And now I’m going to bore you with a bunch of pictures of our decorated cookies.








Creepy star:





Decorating cookies on a Saturday night was actually more fun than it sounds. It was a great time!

Today… Aaron and I had breakfast (and I tasted his BACON) and then we were pretty lazy all day. I took a nap around 4 then woke up at 5 and decided to run OUTSIDE since it was 40 degrees! I put on 5 layers…

Tank top, long-sleeve t-shirt, regular tshirt, thin running long-sleeve shirt, & Penguin’s hoodie plus running tights on the bottom.

I haven’t run outside in months so I kind of thought the run would be terrible but it wasn’t actually too bad. I had to dodge some icy patches and run on the road for a bit but I ended up doing 4.5 slow miles. I forgot how AWESOME running outside is compared to the treadmill. It made me happy to be out there. I probably had too many layers on because I came back covered in sweat but I’d rather be hot than cold running. I didn’t take a picture of the Garmin after this run but those pictures will be back come Spring. Don’t worry.

And now I’m sitting on the couch blogging and doing laundry. Time to put clothes in the dryer. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Holiday Thumbprints

We had a cookie exchange at work so I had to make seven dozen cookies. Truthfully, I’m not a fan of the cookie exchange idea because what am I going to do with so many cookies. I live by myself and don’t have family to force them upon like everyone else did.

Anyway, I’m not feeling very creative or witty right now so this is going to be short. I used this recipe. I didn’t really like it but I had a limited amount of butter and the other recipes required more. I’m not posting the recipe because I wouldn’t actually recommend using it but feel free to click the link and try it out yourself. It wasn’t terrible, just not amazing. The good news is they were pretty and I tend to place way too much importance on food appearance.