Project 365: Day 41 – 59

I’m getting pretty far behind on the project 365 posts.  As I continue to get farther and farther behind, it becomes more difficult to get myself to get started on a post.  Aaron is at band practice tonight though and the baby is sleeping and I’ve run out of episodes of Revenge to watch so here we go.

Day 41

2013-02-10 18.40.57Aaron finished the door trim on the kitchen door.  Yay!

Day 42

2013-02-11 11.05.00We took a family walk because the weather was okay!  This was February 11th I believe, so rare nice weather in Pittsburgh.  Unlike today, March 18th, freezing rain!?  Also, Sam doesn’t like the stroller now..  no good.  Whenever I take him anywhere, he’s in the Ergo now.

Day 43

2013-02-12 14.41.31

Sam’s first time in a shopping cart!  Home Depot trip.

Day 44

2013-02-13 13.00.37We installed new lights in the kitchen and dining room.  Prior to that light in the kitchen, there was just a dangling bulb hanging from it’s wire.  Upgrade.  Prior to the dangling bulb, there was a square fluorescent light with water in it that leaked from the tub. Fire hazard.

Day 45

2013-02-14 08.49.24

Valentine’s Day and Aaron’s birthday! 32!  Sam’s gift to Aaron was a picture of himself for Aaron’s new office.  I got Aaron a paint brush(!) and a new travel coffee mug.  We kept gifts small because we have plans of buying a bigger “family gift” in the Summer.

Day 46

2013-02-15 20.49.43Working on painting the dining room here.  We painted it Ice Rink by Martha Stewart.  We used the same color in the kitchen of our old house and I LOVED it there.  We painted the kitchen and dining room in this house that color.

Day 47

2013-02-16 14.51.29Sleeping boy.  He sleeps in his new car seat much better than the smaller one it seems.  Plus we finally bought one of those mirrors so we can see him while driving.  It was definitely, definitely worth it.  I wish we would have bought one right from the start.

Day 48

2013-02-17 12.20.23I’ve been putting Sam in the Moby again when I’m cleaning up the house.  He really likes it and it’s still comfortable for me even though he’s almost 20 pounds.  I had packed it away because I thought he was too big but now it’s back.

Day 49

2013-02-18 12.21.32Aaron and I took Sam to a Gymboree class during one of the days of Aaron’s 2 week work hiatus.

Day 50

Missing! forgot to take a picture…

Day 51

2013-02-20 08.50.40I started writing a post about cloth diapers and took this picture for that.  I have to finish up that post.  But there they are (12 of the 15).

Day 52

2013-02-21 17.25.15Knitting was going strong in February and then kind of died off in March.  I still haven’t finished this scarf.

Day 53


Day 54

2013-02-23 00.29.02Wedding!  This was the first night we left Sam with Aaron’s parents to put him to bed.  It turned out well!  And it was good to get away from the baby for a little while.  Even if I had to pump in the car between the ceremony and the reception.

Day 55

2013-02-24 13.14.18On our way to Cincinnati for Aaron’s new job training.  5 hour car right with the baby went surprisingly well.  Sleeping in a hotel room with a baby definitely did not.

Day 56

2013-02-25 11.16.39Sam and I tracked down Trader Joe’s by our hotel and bought supplies for the week.

Day 57

2013-02-26 13.28.45We went to the Children’t Museum in Cincinnati the next day.  Sam was pretty much too young to really do anything there but we wandered around and looked at things.  Something to do.

Day 58

2013-02-27 12.16.40The next day, we went to a thrift store.  It was the most amazing thrift store I’ve ever been to.  It was HUGE and so cheap.  Like each of those books above cost 9 cents!  I also got those two jackets for Sam.  Baby Gap down coat for $4.  I love thrift stores.

Day 59

2013-02-28 16.14.46We spent a lot of time hanging out in the hotel lobby people watching.  There was a power lifting conference going on in the hotel while we were there.

That brings me to March!


Project 365: Day 32 – 40

Aaron quit his job yesterday!  He accepted a new job (doing the same thing) for a different company.  He has training in Cincinnati for a week starting February 25.  Until then, he’s off!  Almost two full weeks!  We debated going on a little trip but ultimately decided against it since Aaron has the training in Ohio and Sam and I are going to tag along too!  I’m not sure I could make it a whole week solo parenting. Single parents are way stronger than me.

Instead of taking a trip, we’re devoting a lot of the time to working on house projects so those pictures will hopefully being coming up in some posts soon.

Day 32
2013-02-01 14.12.07 32Sam has started sitting up on his own!  He balances for a few minutes usually then reaches for something and tips over.  He still prefers standing (supported) to sitting or laying.  Almost every time I try to get him to sit, he straightens his body and won’t bend into a seated position.

Day 33

2013-02-02 18.27.03 33We skipped a few days of solids last week because Sam was sick.  He started throwing up after eating (breast milk) so we didn’t want to aggravate his stomach more by trying to get him to eat food.  We’ve only done sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados so far.  Doesn’t like anything so far but we keep trying.

Day 34

2013-02-03 14.55.23 34Flannel shirt!  It has little corduroy elbow patches too.  I love it.  Aaron loves it.  I bought it at a consignment sale for a couple dollars.

Day 35

2013-02-04 16.27.15 35Rare baby sleeping photo.  Our phones making a noise when you take a photo so we almost never take pictures of Sam sleeping for fear of waking him.  I’m scared to breathe and wake him up, let alone take a photo.  In the above photo though, he had been sleeping for something like 2.5 hours (who knows why) and it was getting kind of late in the day to be napping.  Also note that he is sleeping on our bed (I was lying next to him).  He would never sleep in the crib that long.  He has only napped longer than an hour in the crib one time.  ever.

Day 36

2013-02-05 20.08.11 36

I started baking all of our bread instead of buying it.  We have a bread machine and I’ve been using it to make dough and then making the dough into rolls and baking it in the oven.  Every time I’ve ever made a loaf of bread in the bread machine the whole way through (not just  the dough) it ends up being really dense and we never really like it.  These rolls ended up being light and fluffy and they’re half whole wheat.  I’ve been making a batch of 12 rolls about every 3-4 days.

Day 37

2013-02-06 14.14.17 37Sam. and my finger

Day 38

2013-02-07 08.20.19Sick boy!  Lounging on dad.

Day 39

2013-02-08 14.22.45 39Another sick baby picture.  We had retired the bouncer a month or so ago because Sam really didn’t like it after the first 3 months. We brought it back out while he was sick and he took a bunch of naps in it.  That thing has definitely gotten a lot of use.  He LOVED it the first 3 months.  One of our better baby gear purchases.

Another Day 39

2013-02-08 19.53.03 39And a not so good baby item purchase.  These things stink.  They’re way too scented.  Ugh.

Day 40

2013-02-09 11.51.15 40I went and checked out the light fixtures at Home Depot and sent this picture to Aaron to see if he liked it.  It’s now sitting in a box in the kitchen waiting to be assembled and hung.  We got the four light hanging island light behind the chandelier too.

The next post is definitely going to be heavy on the DIY projects.  I’ve also been thinking about writing a post about breast feeding now that I’ve been doing it exclusively for over six months.   I guess I just have to get my thoughts together for that post.

Have a nice evening!

Project 365: Days 21 – 31

Hello! February 5th, oh my.  Sam and I have been getting out a lot more these days because he doesn’t really hate the car much anymore.  As long as he’s not tired or hungry, we can generally make it on half hour drives!  YES!

Day 21

imageJust hanging on the couch doing some tummy time.  Probably watching Word Girl.  The TV keeps Sam entertained for approximately 10 minutes.  I’m okay with a little tv in his life.  For the most part, the tv is off in our house but sometimes I need to take a shower.

Day 222013-01-22 14.30.02

I’ve been wearing Sam around the house in the Mei Tei carrier lately.  I hardly ever used that carrier and pretty much just always used the Ergo.  And then one day the Ergo was in the car and I didn’t want to go outside and get it.  So we used the Mei Tei and Sam really liked it!  It’s a cheap Infantino carrier (Sash Mei Tei) but it’s really comfortable and only $33!

Day 23

2013-01-23 14.56.32

Baby cheeks.

Day 24

2013-01-24 14.28.36

We have two pairs of baby Chuck Taylors and I waited too long to try them on Sam and now neither really fit! I did squeeze him into this pair to take some pictures.  He promptly untied the laces and pulled them off.

Day 25

2013-01-25 13.38.03We hung a couple of new lamps in our bedroom.  I bought these probably 1.5 years ago from Ikea(they were supposed to go in our old house) and they’ve been sitting in the basement ever since.  They make me happy.

Another Day 25

2013-01-25 14.23.26

I’m VERY slowly painting the kitchen.  So much edging.  And I can only do it in about 10 minute increments before Sam gets sick of watching me paint.  We’re eventually going to paint the cabinets white also and replace the cabinet hardware.  And you know, take out all of that horrible tile backsplash and tile countertops but that’ll be way down the road as we save up for some granite.  Hopefully the cabinet painting will happen this Spring though.

Day 26

2013-01-26 13.27.26

2013-01-26 13.28.44Baby’s first swim!  He wasn’t really a fan.  It was pretty loud in there and the water was a little colder than he’s used to in the tub but he didn’t cry.. he just had a look of concern on his face the whole time.  It was fun though!

Day 27

2013-01-27 08.35.53We started solids!  Sam is six months old today (Feb 5).  Up until now, he’s been exclusively breast fed.  We started out with some steamed and mashed sweet potato that I mixed with some breast milk.  He hated it.  He actually threw up some of the milk that he had just eaten beforehand.  We tried again the next day and he still hated it so then I gave up with solids for a couple of days.  Then we tried banana.  He still made faces but didn’t mind it as much and I think actually swallowed some.

We did banana a few days then I switched back to sweet potato again today.  He hated it again but I’m just trying to get him to at least taste things at this point.  Up next, avocado.

Day 28

2013-01-28 18.47.02Sam!  And the only picture I took on the 28th..

Day 29

2013-01-29 14.40.44Sam and I took a trip to Home Depot and bought a shoe rack.  Before the shoe rack, there was a giant pile of shoes in this closet.  Much better. Aaron and I are both not naturally very organized but we’re trying to make organization more of a priority in this house.

Another Day 29

2013-01-29 15.38.29Did a little Pinterest inspired jar painting.  .69 cent acrylic paints and old pasta and salsa jars.  And then Aaron questioned what I was going to do with them! (no idea really but they’re sitting on our window sill right now)

Day 30

2013-01-30 12.39.03I’ve been eating this for lunch a lot lately.  Sauteed kale and baked beans.  Simple and good.

Day 31

2013-01-31 08.39.37A little cry time.

First month of project 365 done!

Project 365: Days 14 – 20

It’s Friday!!

Sam and I were planning to go out somewhere today but we’re snowed in.  It’s been snowing for about the last 4 hours and our road is completely covered.  He’s napping right now.  I’m signed up to take a baby sleep class on Tuesday evening because Sam’s naps and sleep are still pretty terrible.  He’s going to be 6 months old in a week and is still waking up 3 times a night at least.  And naps.  I’m not going to talk about them more than to say that they’re bad, if they even happen at all.

Day 14

2013-01-14 17.32.52I made this butternut squash and apple soup.  It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe.  I’ve made it multiple times before and it’s been great.  Something went wrong this time though.  It was way too sweet and spicy.  Ah well. I still have a container of the soup in my fridge… 9 days later.

Day 15

2013-01-15 08.15.28Just a picture of Sam in a cloth diaper.  I had read that people say they LOVE cloth diapers and I was always kind of skeptical about it but I do really like them.  Maybe not love but it’s saving lots of money and they’re fairly easy to deal with.  Plus, cute colors.

Day 16

2013-01-15 16.21.32If you look closely at Sam’s pants, you’ll see we had a leak.  If you don’t snap the cloth diapers on tight enough, they definitely do leak.  You also have to change them a bit more than disposable.  Again, like not love.

Another day 16

2013-01-16 17.12.29Turkey burgers and roasted sweet potatoes.  This is how our dinners usually go now.  We either take turns holding Sam and eating or we try to eat while holding him.  By that time of night, we can’t really put him down without crying.  Right after dinner, around 630, we head upstairs for bath and bed time for Sam.  His bedtime is pretty consistently 7-730 now.

Day 17

2013-01-17 12.05.22Sam loves the jumperoo with a passion.  Loves to jump.  LOVES to jump.  Like anytime you hold him standing, he starts to jump.  All the time.  He’s also into the swing now.  Amazing because he hated it as an infant.  Now he’ll swing while playing with toys while I cook or take a shower happily.

Day 18

2013-01-18 15.06.06We’ve been hanging out at the Galleria a lot lately.  We met a friend there once last week and then Sam and I went there again later in the week (plus again this week).  There are lots of couches and chairs and Sam loves to watch the people walk around.  There is also an Anthropologie in that mall.  I bought a new knob for the bathroom medicine cabinet last week.

Day 19

2013-01-19 14.04.41I’ve been searching for a gym to join around here.  I toured LA Fitness (outdated and the childcare room was depressing), Snap Fitness (super cheap, no frills club but they did have a nice childcare room), Extreme Fitness (expensive for what it was and not very convenient to our house.  Childcare room was okay..)

And then we went and toured the Upper St. Clair rec center.  Oh my!  That place is amazing!  Indoor and outdoor pools (both with slides and a lazy river!), huge gym plus a really nice childcare room.  Of course it’s more expensive than the rest…and slightly farther away but for what it offers, it seems that the price isn’t so bad.  Aaron and I are taking Sam there swimming tomorrow with our guest passes to check it out.  Sam has never been swimming!

Day 19 again

2013-01-19 17.42.40We’ve been working on cleaning the basement and have found all sorts of treasures.  Cat eye glasses.

Day 20

2013-01-20 13.28.25A little spray painting during nap time.  Can’t wait until Spring when we can start painting around here!  All of our downstairs walls are a weird peach, flesh tone, tinted brown due to cigarette smoke from the previous owners.

Sam is still napping!

Have a good weekend!

Project 365: Days 5 – 13

Day 5

2013-01-05 11.30.54

We did some weather proofing on our house last weekend.  Aaron did anyway.  I watched the baby.  The previous owners of this crazy house took off the garage door, closed off part of it and put in a random door from outside into the garage.  It’s weird.  This house has all sorts of quirks.  Anyway, it wasn’t secure at all because the house was a foreclosure so the door had been broken into.  We’re planning on eventually making it back into a garage (in the next few..years) but for now, Aaron just fixed the jam, put on a new lock and some weather proofing because the previous owners ran heat into the garage.  Totally normal.

Day 6

2013-01-06 13.24.48

I bought these ornaments at Michaels after Christmas and cut apart one of our Christmas cards and put the pictures in them.  I’ve been trying to do a picture ornament every year since Aaron and I were dating.  I missed last year unfortunately but I have the previous few years.  I’m trying to create traditions over here.

Day 7

2013-01-07 10.20.49

I’m attempting to take up knitting!  I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit for a few years but never did it.  So I finally went out and got the supplies and then watched some videos and read a few tutorials and started.  I only know the “knit” stitch. I haven’t tried to purl yet.  I’m trying to make scarf now and then I’m going to try to actually follow a pattern for the next project.

Day 8

2013-01-08 10.01.53


We received a pack of these Carters striped onesies at Sam’s baby shower in size 6 months.  We dressed him in them constantly so I went out and bought them in size 12 months too since he’s grown out of the 6 months.  He’s 5 months old and wearing 12 month onesies.  He’s a tall one.  Also, I picked this picture to post because I wanted to point out that his bottom looks big in most of the pictures.  He’s wearing a cloth diaper under there so some of his pants don’t fit so well and he looks kind of funny.  We’re doing cloth diapers during the day (mostly) and disposable at night.  We have Charlie Banana one size pocket diapers with reusable inserts.  I love them!  I also have one Bum Genius pocket diaper and it leaks all the time.  I avoid using it.  Not a fan of bum genius.  We have one Fuzzibunz pocket diaper too and I like that one too.  It’s a little harder to stuff than the Charlie Banana and not quite as soft.  Charlie Banana wins.

Day 9

2013-01-09 12.34.28My friend Gina and her mom sent a gift card for Sam for Christmas to The Children’s Place.  I got this sweet sweater and hat.  I love them.

Day 10

2013-01-10 16.49.28

The knitting went down hill a couple of days in.  I messed up some how and had to unravel the whole thing and start over again.  Boo.

Day 11

2013-01-11 13.38.34Tool pajamas.

Day 12

2013-01-12 10.41.36On Sunday, Aaron watched the baby so I could spend a little time doing something by myself.  I ended up going to the ReStore in Edgewood and got this jar for $1.  I also got a few books for Sam and a Christmas record.  Probably my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is go to yard/estate sales or thrift stores.  I love other people’s stuff.  Luckily Aaron does too.  This summer, Sam will experience early morning estate sales.

Day 13

2013-01-12 16.06.13This picture is just cute.  Sam’s hair grows straight up on top and he has a bald spot in the back.

That’s it for now.  Have a nice Monday!

2013: Project 365. Days 1-4

Happy New Year! I haven’t blogged in quite a while. Sam is five months old now! He’s a crazy little boy so I don’t really have a lot of time to blog unless it’s on my phone (which I’m doing now) while I feed him.

Okay it’s now January 4th. I’m now blogging on a computer instead of my phone because I actually managed to get Sam to nap! In the crib! Unswaddled! Miracle. It’ll probably only last about 30 minutes but I’ve come to terms with short naps for the most part. This baby doesn’t like to sleep for long periods of time. He doesn’t like to fall asleep, doesn’t like to stay asleep and doesn’t like to sit anywhere ever.

Moving on..

I read a blog of a woman who lives in Thailand with her husband and two kids and she did “Project 365” on her blog and basically took a picture every day of the year and posted it with short descriptions. I’m not sure if she came up with this idea or if it’s all over the internet and I’ve just missed it.. Either way, if it’s her idea, I hope she doesn’t mind if I do it in 2013.

I started off well with a few pictures taken on January 1st and then already forgot to take a picture on the second day. THE SECOND DAY! That’s pretty bad. Rather than take a picture of Sam sleeping at 11 PM when I remembered that I forgot to take a photograph (and risk accidentally waking up the baby that NEVER sleeps. Not happening), I’m just going to use a picture from day 3 for day 2 and work on remembering better going forward.

Day 1


Aaron’s family came over to our house on New Year’s to celebrate Christmas (we were in Florida visiting my family during the actual holiday).  Aaron’s parents got Sam a stacking toy which Sam of course, put in his mouth immediately then accidentally smacked himself in the face.  Not quite ready for that toy yet.

Day 2


Aaron and Sam playing on the couch.  We’ve all been sick with colds the last few days so we haven’t done much except lay around and eat soup.  Except Sam’s version of laying around is not laying at all but wanting to be bounced and walked and played with.

Day 3


These pajamas are way too small but we put him in them anyway.  He grows out of things so fast.  He’s in 12 month pajamas now.

Day 4


After two days inside, we finally ventured outside for the shortest walk ever.  We bundled up then only walked down the block and back before I decided it was too cold for Sam.

First four days of Project 365 DONE.  I have a tendency to get all these big ideas about blogging and then never actually follow through.  We’ll see how this one goes.  I’m going to try.  I almost always take a picture every day on my phone though so the hard part for me will be to actually post them.  Have a nice night!