A Second Sippy Cup Post

Yesterday I wrote about our sippy cup problems.  Today I’m writing about it again!

Yesterday afternoon, Sam and I headed out to Target to return the first set of sippy cups and bought a kid’s camel bak instead.  Brought it home and filled it up and it seemed to be working great!  Here is Sam with the Camel Bak.  It’s a little hard to hold (no handles or ergonomic shape) but he seemed to like it.

And then Sam left it lying on it’s side on the floor and a pool of water formed around it.  I picked it up, messed with the “spill proof” mechanism and it stopped leaking.  But then after some more drinking later, it started leaking again.  Not just leaking, like pouring out water when it was tilted on it’s side.  So I dug the packaging out of the trash to return this one too.

Today… we made our third pilgrimage in three days to Target to return the Camel Bak and get a new sippy cup.

Target seemed to have replenished their sippy cup supply and they had a new option today.  It’s the Playtex Lil’Gripper.  It’s like the older kid version of the one with handles that worked really well until the handle broke off.  No handles on these ones!  The Amazon reviews on these are mixed so we’ll see how it goes.

We also hung out at the mall for a bit before our Target trip.  (Our Target is in the mall).  Sam played in the kid’s play area there for a while.  That place always stresses me out.  There’s always one kid whose parents are not paying attention to what they’re doing at all and the kid is running wild, knocking over little kids or picking on them or jumping off the tops of things wildly.

Of course Sam loves to walk over to these kids and smile and try to pat them or something.  One day we were there and there was the mad hugger.  It seems cute.  This little girl was obsessed with hugging Sam.  Except Sam could barely walk at the time so she knocked him over like 10 times.  He was getting upset and the mom was no where to be seen.

Then one day we were there and some kid kept pushing Sam and then he kicked Sam!  The dad was on his laptop not paying attention.  Today was pretty mild.  There was a family of kids there that were WILD and one was definitely way too old to be climbing on those things (like teenager) but they didn’t really bug Sam.

Though I’m ranting about the situation, Sam seems to like playing there and looking at the other kids so we keep going back.

Sam is napping now.  Nap #2 today.  Yesterday he just had one really long nap.  His longest nap ever.  2.5 hours!


Sippy Cup Problems. Seriously.

Back to two naps again yesterday. Two decently long naps too.  The second one lasted until 5:20 pm… which pushed Sam’s bed time back to 8 pm.  Aaron went golfing yesterday and was gone until like 9 last night so we were on our own.  This led to Sam and I watching Jeopardy together.  He was surprisingly interested in it.

We took a trip to Target yesterday afternoon to get a new sippy cup.  The first sippy cup we had was the playtex lil’ sipster.

These cups were okay but I got so annoyed with having to tip it back for Sam to drink.  He didn’t really grasp that concept yet and so he couldn’t really get much out of them.  They were easy to clean and didn’t leak but I didn’t like that there was no cover for the spout.

So then I bought a Playtex Baby First Lil’ Gripper Twist n’ Click Straw Trainer Cup.  Sam learned how to drink out of the straw right away and I loved this cup.  It has the little cover for the straw and handles for Sam to hold.  Plus it’s supposed to be leak proof.  Well after about a week, the handle broke after one too many throws off the high chair.  It leaks now too.  I liked this cup enough though that I was just going to buy another one of the same but Target was out of them yesterday.


So I ended up buying these instead.  Munchkin Insulated Straw Cups.

These are TERRIBLE!  First of all, the first time I tried to cover the straw with the cover, the straw got stuck underneath and I had to pull it out.  Then I tried to drink out of it and it’s nearly impossible.  The leak proof mechanism is way too strong.  I could barely get any water out, let alone Sam so I’m returning them.  I can’t believe it’s so hard to find a sippy cup!

I think this time I’m just going to buy a kid’s Camelbak water bottle.  I have a big one and Sam drinks out of it all the time and it’s hit the floor MANY times and is still holding up.  They’re in the sporting goods section of Target if you happen to be looking.

Also, I gave in and bought one of those Snack Traps  which has been great so far.  I put some Puffs and raisins in it and he was able to figure it out but only get one or two out at a time which was perfect.

Yesterday I was googling “best sippy cup” which prompted me to write this little post.

It’s going to be HOT today.  Sam is napping right now.  We took a walk down the street this morning.  Sam and I both walking.  I’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of the day.

Our Experience with Cloth Diapering

I’ve talked about cloth diapering a bit on the blog and the brands I have but now I’m going to elaborate a bit more.

I really didn’t do much research at all before ordering the diapers.  I probably should have read more and maybe checked them out in a store before I went ahead and ordered a bunch but I didn’t do that.  I read some blog posts of other mother’s opinions and kind of just went with it.  Most of the blogs that I read use all-in-ones which have the insert attached to the cover. Basically, everything is one piece and you just remove the whole thing and wash it every time it gets dirty.  Bum Genius seems to be the popular brand for these.  I didn’t end up buying any of the all-in-ones.  I read that they take a long time to dry and honestly… I didn’t have much idea of what I was ordering when I did.

When I was about 6 months pregnant, I ordered a Fuzzibunz diaper, a Bum Genius and a Charlie Banana.  They all are the Two-in-Ones.  They have the outer piece with a pocket and come with two inserts each.  You stuff the insert into the pocket of the diaper and then when the diapers dirty, you remove the insert but still wash both parts each time.

I’m not going to talk about pre-folds because I have no experience at all with them but I do know a few people that used them when their babies were infants and really liked them.  I didn’t start using cloth until Sam was about 3 months or so.  We used disposables (Pampers Swaddlers) until then.  All three brands I have are very comparable price wise — about $15-$20 per diaper.

When I originally started writing this post …6 months ago… I was all for the Charlie Banana diapers.  They were my favorites.  They fit the best and seemed to absorb the best.  Now Sam is 1 and I think I like the Bum Genius diapers better.  The Charlie Bananas seem like they’re getting a bit small for him (he’s probably about 24 lbs).  We’re still using all the Charlie Bananas but I’ve had some issues with leaking.  I stopped using the Fuzzibunz diaper all together because it just seems too tight.

Here’s the pro/con breakdown:

Fuzzibunz Elite Reusable




  • They don’t seem to stain at all.  These diapers have stayed whiter than the other two brands for me.
  • They’re soft and seem pretty comfortable if they fit.
  • Holding up well to washing almost daily.


  • They’re more difficult to stuff than the Bum Genius and Charlie Banana.  The outer layer is stickier and it makes it harder to get the insert into it.
  • There is no flap over the pocket where you stuff the insert so the elastic part is touching his back which seems kind of uncomfortable and it flips out when you put it on.
  • Might not fit as long as the BMs and CBs because it has a smaller cut.  I almost never use the one Fuzzibunz diaper I have now because it’s too tight for Sam
  • Once I adjusted the leg opening elastic to the largest setting, the little metal part cannot be tucked into the diaper and is now touching Sam’s skin directly.

bumGenuis 4.0 Snap




  • Cute colors
  • Only two snaps on each side so easier to put on.
  • Generous size that will fit Sam for a long time
  • The large insert seems to absorb better than the other two brands
  • Holding up to tons of washing very well


  • They seem HUGE on small babies.
  • The infant insert is so thin, it’s pretty useless
  • Stains more than Fuzzibunz
  • No adjustable leg opening

Charlie Banana Reusable One-Size

$99.99 for a 6 pack at Target (as of 8/13/13)

cb diaps


  • Lots of great colors and designs
  • Easy to find (they sell them in my Target store!)
  • Very soft and seem comfortable for Sam
  • Not quite as bulky as Bum Genius
  • Easy to adjust the leg opening size


  • We’re now having some leak issues
  • They seem to be getting a little tight though I am going to start maybe only snapping 2 of the 3 snaps on each side to see how that works
  • Stain more than Fuzzibunz

Other cloth diaper products we use:

For laundry detergent, I use Charlie’s Soap that I order from Amazon.  I also use Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator to spray the diapers before putting them in our wet bag if they’re really dirty.

Lastly, and this is key once babies start eating solids, we use disposable diaper liners every time.  I buy the GroVia Bioliners from Amazon.  They’re flushable but we just throw them away.

And that’s the cloth diaper post.  We’ve been using them for 9 months now.  It sounds pretty complicated and time consuming but it’s really not and we save lots of money using them!  Also, it’s not an all or nothing kind of thing.  We use disposables overnight (Huggies overnites) and disposables when we go out (just switched from Pampers Cruisers to Luvs and I’m very happy with the Luvs and so much cheaper!)  We do feel that even using the cloth about 60% of the time is definitely worth it to us for both less waste and saving money.