Baby Sam is here!

Samuel Henry Bubenheim was born the day after his due date, August 5, 2012. He weighed 6 lb 8 oz and was 20 inches long.

We came home from the hospital Tuesday and we’re all doing well. Sleepless but well. I’ll post more about the birth later but now a few pictures!

The day I went into labor:









Baby Nursery and some other random house pictures

Still pregnant over here. Still no contractions of any kind at all. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I had some and didn’t even know. Who knows… Those of you who have had real contractions are probably laughing at me right now.

I haven’t done a whole lot today because I woke up still feeling sick. This illness needs to go away. I kind of think it’s my body’s way of forcing me to rest prior to labor. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling better and in labor! Hopefully.

I went around the house a few minutes ago taking some pictures of some of the things we’ve acquired for the house recently.

We bought these two GIANT bookshelves from Craigslist and put them in the living room. They’re huge. Like 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide each. We bought the blue cloth bins from Target for the bottom two shelves of each. The books are color coordinated, yes.


And another shot. Aaron has his record player and records on the left bookcase. The baby bouncy seat and swing are currently just sitting in the living room. I’m not sure where they’ll eventually end up.


Aaron put the little glass knobs on the two side tables I spray painted and now they’re in the living room. They’re sprayed grey though it looks a little blue in the picture.


The pack n’ play is all set up in our bedroom.There is a “newborn napper” on top (left side in the picture) but he might just sleep in the actual pack n’ play. We’ll see what he likes.


The nursery is completely finished now (except for bookshelves that I haven’t bought/ Aaron hasn’t made yet). We bought the recliner from Craigslist. It was brand new. I guess the girl’s grandmother bought it for her and she didn’t like so she sold it. It’s a Lazy Boy and really comfortable. We went with this instead of a glider mainly because the nursery is too small to have a separate footstool. Plus we have a glider in the living room right now. We’ll recline in the nursery and glide in the living room.

Aaron had the lamp which I think his mom bought at a thrift store a long time ago. It was gold and marble and then I spray painted it navy blue. The lamp shade is from Target. The nightstand is from Ikea and it was in our bedroom before we moved it in here. I’m on the look out for two new matching nightstands for our bedroom now.

The blue and white rug is from Overstock. The two picture frames in the background are from Ikea and I made the prints in Powerpoint.


The dresser is also from Craigslist. It was off white and we wanted white so I spray painted it plain white and sprayed the knobs navy. The blind is from JC Penney. The little bird house is a decoration from my baby shower and the blue frame (with no picture yet) is from a yard sale.


The crib was a gift from my grandparents. I ordered it from Babies R’ Us. I LOVE it, however the first crib that was delivered had a broken part so they sent us a replacement part that was also broken. The pointy tip of a screw was sticking right out of the top of it. So the third replacement part was good but still, come on, that’s ridiculous. Not sure how I feel about Delta.


Another picture of the chair.


And we got this little ship wheel, barometer at an estate sale for $3.


That about wraps up the nursery. It may not look like a tiny room but it is TINY. I think it’s 8×10 so we fit just about as much stuff as we possibly could in there. We’re happy with it though. It might not ever work for a regular bedroom but it works well for the nursery so far.

Painting, Canning and Baby Hangers

Officially 4 days until my due date. Still no sign of the baby. My little illness seems to be going away but I mostly just hung out on the couch today. I woke up to no water in the house this morning. Boo. I guess there was a water main break on our street so we were without water until around 3. I drove over to the grocery store and got some bottled water earlier today and a few other things. Mainly ice cream and cantaloupe. I’ve been on a cantaloupe kick the last few days.

I uploaded pictures from my camera today so here are a few other things that have been going on around here.

This was probably 1.5 months ago… Aaron and I painted our bedroom. I’ve been wearing a respirator for painting to protect the baby.


The color is kind of greyish purple. I’m not exactly sure if I like it or not but it’s staying put for quite a while since we still have TONS more painting to do.


We also bought a second car! Wooo. Sharing a car worked for quite a while with us but I didn’t want to be stuck at home every day while Aaron is at work once the baby arrives. So we have two Nissans now. We refer to them as Rusty and Baby Rusty. Ironic because they aren’t Rusty. So funny we are…


One of Aaron’s customers gave him a whole case of blueberries so I attempted to make blueberry jam for the first time. I wouldn’t say it went perfectly. It’s kind of thin and REALLY sweet. It’s more like blueberry syrup but I’ve still been eating it. We still have a ton of the blueberries in the freezer so I’m going to try again at some point.



Aaron finished up the nursery closet. This closet just had steps up into the attic but no bar to hang clothes or anything so Aaron hung two bars and two shelves in there. We don’t really use the attic for anything. I’ve never even seen it…but Aaron says it’s just a small crawl space.


The chain on the right door is because we installed a ceiling fan in the room then realized the door hit right into it when we opened it.

Here it is full of baby clothes and diapers.


Tonight is women’s gymnastics!!

39 Weeks Preggo


Well I’m 39 weeks, 2 days pregnant. My due date is this Saturday the 4th. Originally I had wanted to have the baby this past Saturday. That didn’t happen then I got sick on Sunday! So now I’m here on the couch resting and trying to get rid of my sore throat. I think it’s my body’s way of forcing me to rest a bit before I have the baby. I’m still not pleased though.

In the last couple of weeks Aaron and I got smart phones! We had possibly, the oldest, junkiest phones ever and finally upgraded and now we’re both addicted to Instagram. As you can see from the last very short post, I didn’t know how to rotate the pictures yet. I’ve since learned how to rotate and so here are a few pictures from the last week or two via Instagram.

We went out to dinner with Aaron’s parents and his brother for his brother’s birthday last weekend. They enjoyed imitating me. Aaron on the right, Dave on the left. Fake preggo bellys.


I took a photo of myself in our bedroom mirror at 38 weeks wearing this awesome skirt that I forgot I had that I’m not probably going to wear every day until the baby is born. And then afterward too.


I started maternity leave from my job on Thursday. Wednesday was my last day of sitting in this cubicle listening to CNBC for 8 hours a day. My coworkers had a little party for me on Wednesday. We had cake and pizza and they started the baby’s college fund for us. Woo!


Aaron and I spent some time finishing up the nursery. We hung some art on the walls and bought a lampshade for the lamp in there.


I also made an origami mobile for over the crib. Scrap book paper from Michael’s folded into birds and then hung from an embroidery ring that I spray painted navy. Pretty easy and cheap and when the ceiling fan is on, the birds move around and spin a bit.


And last picture.. we got a TV Friday night! Oh my oh my. We did have an old TV sitting in that spot before this one but we didn’t have a digital converter box and we don’t have cable so it wasn’t even plugged in. We get about 10 channels now. We were both fine without having TV at all until the Olympics this year. I love the Olympics! Mainly gymnastics but we’ve both been watching a bunch of different events. Aaron got sucked into the cycling.

So now we have a TV and smart phones. Soon we’ll have a baby. We’re all ready for the baby now. I just want to get better first then we’ll be good to go. I’m still adjusting to being at home instead of working but I really just had two days so far last week at home which went by quickly. So far today, I’ve just been resting since I’m sick but we’ll see how I’m feeling by the end of the week if the baby isn’t born yet. I’m kind of glad to have some down time before the baby is born.

That’s about it for now. Have a nice day!


18 Weeks Update


I’m 18 weeks now. It’s going pretty fast now. I ordered some maternity clothes from Gap and just got them yesterday. I ordered a pencil skirt (for work), leggings with a foldover skirt, 3 tops and a pair of maternity tights.

Here is 18 weeks from the front (with one of my new tops):

18 weeks.jpg

And here is 18 weeks from the side. So definitely a little thicker all around the waist. Plus the bump is super high. Some people have told me if you’re carrying high, that means you’re having a girl and some people tell me that means we’re having a boy. We will see on MONDAY!

DSC_5406.JPG 12 wks.jpg

  • How far along? 18 weeks

  • Total weight gain: I think about 8 pounds

  • Maternity clothes? Have some but haven’t worn them yet. I’m wearing the belly band with pants and not zipping my work skirts up all the way.

  • Sleep: Pretty well. I’m not comfortable sleeping on my stomach anymore which is how I normally sleep. Plus I have to get up to go to the bathroom about twice a night.

  • Miss Anything? Not having to get up to go to the bathroom, being able to paint walls

  • Movement: maybe something yesterday but I’m not sure. Hopefully soon.

  • Food cravings: cake, I’ve eaten 3 cupcakes in the last 24 hours.
  • Food aversions: hummus, Mexican food

  • Gender: Finding out Monday! I think it’s a girl.

  • Symptoms: Getting bigger, hungrier, going to the bathroom all the time

  • Looking forward to: Finding out the sex

Here’s another new maternity shirt. This one ties in the back and has little sequins on the front.



And a maternity turtle neck that I ordered. I still need to get a pair of jeans and then work pants but I’ll probably get those from an actual store rather than order them.


Not a very flattering picture but the shirt is super comfortable.


Also, it looks like we found renters for the house so we’re happy about that! I forgot to take my camera over to the new house this weekend so I don’t have any new pictures. Aaron did put the tub in the other day and then this weekend, we bought the wall and floor tile plus a million tile installation tools. Aaron cut and put up the backer board today while I read to him about how to tile. I think next weekend we’re going to tackle all of the tiling. It’s a small bathroom but Aaron has never tiled before. I plan on helping. I want to learn how to install tile too. I think it’ll be a useful thing to know.

That’s about it for this weekend!


13 Week Update

Hello! Pregnancy has brought back the almost sort of frequent blogging!

13 weeks.jpg

Sorry about the weird shadow. I’m not sure what the problem was.


So not too much different from 12 weeks though I feel bigger. I took this idea below from another blog that I read and I’m going to try to include it in the weekly(ish) posts.

  • How far along? 13 weeks, 4 days

  • Total weight gain: 3 lbs as of 12 weeks, 6 days

  • Maternity clothes? Not yet but I wore the belly band one time

  • Sleep: very good

  • Miss Anything? not worrying about falling down stairs

  • Movement: zero yet

  • Food cravings: barbecue sauce, meat, milk, shrimp curry from Taste of India

  • Food aversions: hummus, salsa, Mexican food

  • Gender: No idea but will find out March 5th!

  • Symptoms: Not too much, pants getting tight, hungry a lot

  • Looking forward to: Finding out the sex


On Sunday I tried out another chocolate chip cookie recipe for potluck Sunday at church. I’m trying to find my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe so every time I make them, I’ve been trying a new recipe. I used this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker (who is a big time Pittsburgh blogger) which is originally from America’s Test Kitchen.


I liked this recipe. The cookies didn’t come out too flat which is my issue with a lot of cookies like the Nestle recipe. I like that you use melted butter so no need to remember to let the butter get to room temperature. I also liked that it required no unusual ingredients and did not call for nuts. I did not like that you are supposed to let the cookies cool on the cookie sheets. This resulted in me dirtying every single cookie sheet I have and required me waiting around one or two times for a cookie sheet to cool. I doubled the recipe so I had A LOT of dough to make into cookies.

The cookies did turn out very soft and chewy but I thought they were a bit too sweet. Maybe a tiny bit more salt would help or use bittersweet chips rather than semi-sweet. I’m not sure. I used Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chips for these. My doubled batch made about 55 cookies. I didn’t make them quite as large as the recipe suggests.


And another new recipe that I tried out last week was a pork chop recipe. That was the first time I ever made pork chops. They were good! I used this recipe for Pork Chops with Country Gravy from My Recipes. I followed the recipe exactly except used Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute in place of the poultry seasoning.


Lastly, Aaron got his diploma in the mail this week! Exciting! Here are some pictures of it.





New house work continues

It’s Sunday morning, 7:04 AM. Aaron is still asleep. I went to bed around 10 last night so I’m awake.

Last Saturday, Aaron and I found a Lowe’s three miles from our new house which was pretty exciting. We bought the tub for the new bathroom:


We also got the new sink. We decided to get another pedestal sink (we have one in our current house too) because the new bathroom is pretty tiny. Plus this probably saved us about $300 because all the vanities I found that I liked were $500+. I did make Aaron promise that we would get Carrera marble countertops for the kitchen since we went with the pedestal sink. We’ll see if that pans out.


Toilet in the back seat. We got the “Devonshire” style toilet and sink.


We took a second trip to Lowe’s later in the day with Aaron’s dad’s truck and got all of the insulation, cement board, plywood, green board which I think was actually purple, and a bunch of wood for the floor in the bathroom. Aaron is scabbing in extra pieces of wood to make the floor level and to make it stronger.

Here is the hole in the floor where the tub was. The old tub was leaking and leaked into the ceiling below (where the kitchen is) so that part of the drywall needs to be replaced.


Here is the hole from below in the kitchen. And also a better view of the previous owner’s great paint color choices.


This weekend, the hole grew:


We also ordered the new window for the bathroom. We will have one nice window with the grill in between the panes that actually opens. Yes!


Here is a better picture of the kitchen. We’re not really going to do much to the kitchen at this point except for paint the walls and get new appliances. Down the road, we plan on painting the cabinets white and getting a new countertop and backsplash. Right now, the countertops and backsplash are tile that match the floor. Bad move old owners. There are white tile EVERYWHERE.


I’m standing in the dining room taking this picture. The dining room is open to the kitchen and then those sliding doors lead out onto the deck which is covered in the back and open on the side. The door in the kitchen leads out to the open part of the deck.


Aaron, working on the floor in the bathroom. He purchased a new level this weekend and he loves it. LOVES it. We also bought a mailbox and trash can this weekend. Exciting stuff! Apparently the old owner’s took the mailbox with them because there wasn’t one.


I didn’t spend a ton of time working over there this weekend but I did finish prying all of the trim out of the bedrooms. Here is the master bedroom without any trim. It’s sponge painted a nice orange color… The floors are nice though!


Here is the second bedroom. This color isn’t so bad.


Here I am trying to take a picture of the 13 week belly. I’ll have to have Aaron take one today when I’m not wearing multiple layers.


Here’s the living room where Aaron has two table saws set up. The carpeting will eventually come out. There is oak hardwood underneath but we’re keeping the carpet there to protect it while Aaron is working on the bathroom.


And lastly, I bought my first maternity item! It’s one of those stretchy bands that you put over your unbuttoned pants so you can wear them longer. I got a black one at Target. It’s pretty comfortable. I tried it out yesterday.


Today I have to bake cookies for potluck Sunday at church and Aaron has to meet a client for a bit this morning then church this afternoon then probably watching a movie this evening. Have a nice day!