Subway Tile!

Hello! Just a few house updates today. I haven’t taken any new belly pictures because I’m pretty sure I look exactly the same as I did at 12 weeks. People keep telling me I’ll soon “pop.” We will see. I’ll be 15 weeks on Saturday!

Aaron spent last weekend working on building out the window wall in the bathroom. There is a pipe in the wall that sticks out and so he had to build out the wall a bit so we can drywall. (I say we loosely) He also put in the new insulation. No formaldehyde! The new window came in yesterday too so I think we’re going to install that this weekend.


The pipe is in the picture below and the old window.


He also reinforced the floor boards:


And then started laying the subfloor! Yay! We now have two layers of subfloor in the bathroom. Next step is working on the shower faucet plumbing and then installing the tub. I’m supposed to be ordering the shower and sink faucets today but I’m having a really hard time finding something I like for the shower. I think I just need to order something and be done with it. I went to Lowe’s last weekend and looked at their stuff but didn’t like any of it.


Here is Aaron cutting the toilet hole out of the subfloor.


And here is where I was sitting while this happened. I didn’t contribute much to this weekend’s work…


I did go to Lowe’s and check out tile for the bathroom. I think we might use marble tile for the floor and then white subway tile around the tub. I also want to add a little accent line of blue glass subway tile around the tub to break up all the white.

We’ll probably go with these ones:


And then the regular white for most of it. Yay for $0.26 each!


I also went on an appliance shopping spree online this weekend and bought a refrigerator, dishwasher and dryer for the new house and a new oven for our current house. The double oven is coming with us so we had to replace it with another one. I ordered everything from AJ Madison because they had the best prices. Plus I ordered through Ebates and will be getting $50 cash back! I’ve never ordered from AJ Madison so we’ll see how it goes but definitely way better prices than Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears. We checked out the scratch and dent store too but I’m pretty sure that place is a huge ripoff.

Sunday was spent resting. Aaron’s parents dropped by for a bit then we decided to skip church, buy a bunch of junk food and watch movies the rest of the day. This was a good decision. We ate so many cheese puffs and watched V for Vendetta. Wooo


Our New House!

Hello! Lots of things have been happening over here but I haven’t really been taking too many pictures. I’m going to start carrying my camera around more and taking more pictures, especially since we started the work on our new house!

But first, Christmas happened in Troy Hill. We got a tree from Home Depot this year and it ended up being great! It doesn’t look very big in the picture but it was pretty huge. Ornaments only on one side because we don’t have very many.


We had Christmas dinner at Aaron’s parents new house which is awesome. Here is Aaron with his grandma, Dorothy. Her and Aaron are about to arm wrestle.

(that’s not true)


This past Friday we closed on our new house and Aaron immediately went over there and started demolishing the bathroom. On Saturday I went over too and started cleaning. It’s pretty gross right now. The previous owners were smokers and it was a foreclosure so it is in rough shape. I wore a respirator and rubber gloves. Possibly overkill but I didn’t want to inhale the fumes. Plus Aaron was upstairs knocking out the bathroom walls so all sorts of debris was floating around. Aaron was wearing a respirator too. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture! His has pink filters.

The carpet in the left side of that picture is from one of the bedrooms upstairs. The house has carpet everywhere but oak hardwood underneath it all so we’re slowly tearing out the carpet and will refinish the floors before we move in.


I cleaned for a little bit then went upstairs with needle nose pliers and spent a few hours pulling staples out of the wood floors. Oh my. I finished one bedroom and now have three blisters.

We also decided to pry this hideous wooden shelving and mirror off the wall in the dining room. If you look closely, you might be able to see the red, white and blue Americana fabric hanging from it. Shaking my head at the previous owners.


Here is the vanity and the sink from the bathroom. I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom yet but Aaron has it down to the studs at this point so this weekend we’re going to start buying the drywall and a new window for the bathroom. The windows in the house are pretty gross and half of them don’t even open so we’re going to slowly replace them starting with the bathroom.

Here’s a picture of the kitchen. Yes they painted the ceiling blue and the walls red. Bright blue and red. And the doors are sort of beige and gross. Every single wall and ceiling in the house needs to be painted. They painted the ceilings of each room to match the walls. For example, the small bedroom upstairs has yellow walls and an orange ceiling with orange trim. One of the bedrooms is also sponge painted.


I’ll take some more pictures this weekend and get them up on here. I also have more exciting new to post coming up this weekend. Until then, have a great week!