Hopefully Perfect Roast Chicken

Good Evening!

It’s 7:50 pm right now. It’s Aaron’s third to last class for the Summer! He picked me up after work so that I could have the car today so I have to pick him up a little later.

In the meantime, here is what I wore today. Exciting!


– green cow neck shirt (Target)

– grey, wool pants (J.Crew)

– pink shoes which I’m pointing at in the picture (Gap from a few years ago)

Here’s another picture with the ever present paint samples in the background.


My big Nikon DSLR battery died yesterday so we took these pictures with my Canon Powershot. When I uploaded the pictures today, I realized Aaron had taken a bunch of pictures of me while I was painting the dining room, in all my sweaty, adidas short glory.


Painting the trim here:


Not sure what’s going on in this one… but I have paint all over my legs.


After dropping off Aaron in Oakland today after work, I headed out to Trader Joe’s, grocery shopped for the week and then made Ina Garten’s Perfect Roast Chicken. Here’s the recipe that I followed. The only thing I changed was I used potatoes instead of carrots and fennel in the roasting pan. Otherwise, I followed the recipe to a T.

Here it is prior to going in the oven. I have two tiny issues with this recipe. (1) Not everyone has kitchen string which can be off putting for people and (2) Ina never says which way the chicken is supposed to go in the pan. She says tie the legs together and tuck the wings under the body, but that’s it.

I flipped it over a few times trying to figure out which way made more sense when tucking the wings under… It ended up like this picture below so we’ll see what happens…


Alright time for me to relax a bit before I have to go get Aaron. Chicken has about 30 minutes to go!


Doesn’t everyone want a turquoise lamp?


It’s 8:28 PM right now. Monday. I’m looking forward to a long weekend coming up so this week might drag a bit. I’m taking a vacation day Monday for no particular reason.

I never posted my outfit from Friday so here you go:


– purple dress (Gap last year)

– black wrap sweater (H&M)

– floral shoes (really cheap and can’t remember but I love them)

– pearl necklace (Grandma)

The black purse has a little story and I really didn’t take it to work Friday. I just grabbed in for the picture. In truth, I carry about three giant tote bags of stuff to work. Anyway, last weekend as I was biking home from the gym, I saw estate sale signs in my neighborhood so I followed them until I found the sale. I had $1 cash with them. Well I found this little purse and it was $5 plus I found a $1 cookie sheet and a $4 painting. So I asked the ladies if they would hold my stuff while I went to an ATM and got some cash. Hopped back on the bike, got $20 out of the ATM and came back over and got my stuff. Plus they sold me the purse for $3!

It’s a Dooney & Bourke all-weather leather purse that I am in love with and call it my little brief case. Sometimes I let Aaron hold it.


This weekend was full of a whole bunch of DIY projects including another trip to Construction Junction where we bought the parts to construct a kitchen island! I’m excited for this one! Should be interesting.

I also purchased two more bottles of spray paint at Lowe’s, and this lamp (free from old coworker)…


Became this one:


I love it!! Here is another before and after:



I used Valspar gloss spray paint from Lowe’s and just cleaned the lamp and sprayed it right on with no primer or anything. It came out perfectly though it doesn’t match our green trunk coffee table at all. Still I’m beginning to love spray paint. I also spray painted a mason jar but didn’t take a picture yet.

We also worked on the dining room some more and we’re THIS close to being finished. Here’s a little preview of the new paint and trim color:


And last but not least, my super conservative bank outfit for today:


– Blue no-iron shirt that you really do have to iron.. (Banana Republic)

– Grey skirt (Calvin Klein via Marshalls [part of a suit, I have the jacket also])

– Black ruffle flats (super old and falling apart but from DSW)

Aaron told me to curtsy here….


Well it’s 8:46 right now. This is Aaron’s last week of class!!!!!!! Wooo! Yay! Then we might just start tearing apart the kitchen! Dishwasher in 2011 for the win!

‘night friends!

Kale Harvest! A backyard garden update

So hopefully I’ll get better at posing for these pictures because these are pretty bad….

What I wore to work today:


black cardigan (Banana Republic)

– striped tank with flower (Burlington Coat Factory from one of the days I was wandering around downtown at lunch)

– black pencil skirt (Target)

– black open-toed flats (Lands End catalog)

– red coral necklace (some outdoor vendor in Cozumel)


It’s still extremely hot over here so I stayed in the air conditioning at lunch and did a boot camp class at the Y. I love boot camp classes but this one wasn’t my favorite. Not a fan of the Bosu ball. Ah well.

I got home from work around 5:30 and headed to the backyard for some kale harvesting!


This picture was post-harvest! There is still so much! The kale is getting huge! The eggplant seem to be doing a little better too. It’s behind the kale in the picture.


Is zucchini an invasive species because this is just ridiculous. It’s taking over the garden. I actually broke off some leaves to give the tomatoes some room. Tomatoes are taking precedence over zucchini in our garden I’ve decided.


The good news is…we have baby veggies!! Check out the little tomatoes:


And the tiniest yellow squash below!


I did a little weeding after harvesting the kale and photographing then sprayed the tomatoes with a natural fungicide. I’m hoping that’ll work to prevent blight which is a problem according to my garden experienced coworkers that warned me.

Alright, Aaron will be home from class soon and then tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Banking Attire & Pizza for Dinner


It’s a million degrees in my house right now. MILLION! I have the laptop sitting on a pillow on my lap because the bottom of the laptop is too hot for me. I had the excellent idea of making pizza for dinner in this heat. 450 degree oven. Bad plan.

Anyway, I thought I would jump on the blog bandwagon and post a few pictures of myself in what I wear to work. I work the investment department of a bank so it’s a pretty conservative environment.

Here I am, pushing the envelope, with blue shoes.


I handed Aaron the camera this morning and asked him to take a picture of me. He didn’t even question it.


– black and white dress (Marshalls about 3 years ago I think)

(I’m also wearing it backwards because there is a small stain on the other side)

– black cardigan that couldn’t be taken off all day because of the stain (Gap, this year)

– blue shoes (Gap 2ish years ago)

I’m not sure if you’ll find these pictures interesting at all but it’s kind of fun for me so there you go.

I bussed home from work today because it was too ridiculously hot to walk and then made pizza for Aaron’s dinner later.

I had frozen dough that I made last week that I defrosted in the microwave Recipe Here from Eating well. I double the 1 pound recipe and freeze half. All we had for cheese was cheddar so I decided on barbecue turkey meatball pizza…

I mixed up some barbecue sauce using this recipe then took a few Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs out of the freezer and mixed it with the sauce. I stretched out the dough, spread the sauce, added pineapple chunks, onion and cheese and baked for about 17 minutes.



This recipe is pretty quick and it’ll be easy to package up for Aaron to reheat when he gets home from class and for lunch tomorrow.

Alright I’m going to go put clothes in the dryer and then hang out in the air conditioned bedroom. Can’t take it out here anymore!

This weekend/maybe tomorrow, I’m going to sew curtains for the dining room! I have 5 yards of linen fabric! YAY!