An evening walk should always end in Whole Foods

Good Morning!! It’s Friday!!! I’m so happy that this week is over. Seriously. I’m not sure if I could handle another day. I do love this weather though. LOVE.

It’s been a while since I took a picture of one of my lunches so I figured I’d show you the excitement that happens at my desk around noon each day.

Egg, spinach, honey mustard and sriracha sandwich on a bagel thin plus half a baked sweet potato. I also ate some butternut squash soup on the side because I was HUNGRY. This lunch did not really satisfy me. I was hungry all day. I ate a Kashi bar a little later. I love the Dark chocolate mocha almond ones.


After work, Aaron came over and we decided to take a walk to get iced tea at some cafe in Shadyside since it was about 80 degrees and sunny yesterday.

Well, we ended up at Whole Foods and didn’t even get iced tea. hahaha. We did get the few items I need for my Easter baking venture plus stuff to make barbecue pizza for dinner. We also walked past Aaron’s dad’s place of employment and ran into him! He walked with us for a bit!

Aaron took this picture. The little box of Kashi came in the mail, not from Whole Foods.

  • pizza crust (had in my freezer)
  • bell pepper
  • low-fat plain yogurt
  • lemon
  • cheddar
  • pineapple
  • cream cheese
  • pear disguised as apple (unpictured because I ate it)


And he took this picture:


And now I must get ready for work but FIRST a couple of exciting things:

  1. Aaron and I purchased a washer and dryer last weekend. (EXCITING, eh?)
  2. I am working on making a wedding website: (soon to be…)
  3. We’re going to relive our college days tonight and cheer on Aaron’s brother’s band (Pet Clinic) here:




Chaturanga on the bedroom floor and various wedding updates.

There is a lot of noise going on outside of my bedroom. It hits 40 degrees and suddenly people are outside all night again making noise. Lame. Moving out of Bloomfield in 158 days! In case you’re wondering, that’s also the number of days until my wedding. Wooo!

Anyway, I haven’t blogged since Thursday or Friday sooo the weekend went like this…

Friday after work I went to Whole Foods and dealt with that madness for a little longer than planned because I love grocery stores and ended up buying way more than I planned… Ohh well. I could have a worse shopping addiction. Aaron and I had plans of making shrimp fajitas for dinner Friday night. He came over around 7 and we got to work deveining shrimp which is pretty freaking gross. I deveined about half than started to get horribly disgusted so Aaron took over. He doesn’t want me to stop eating seafood too… We sauteed a whole onion and two whole bell peppers, marinated the shrimp in an organic fajita seasoning packet and then cooked it all together until the shrimp were opaque. I also heated up a can of vegetarian refried pinto bins and cut up some grape tomatoes and lime. We also had some Pace Salsa on the side which I received from Foodbuzz to sample as part of their Tastemakers program. It was Pace Chunky Salsa in mild. The salsa is pretty good — simple ingredients and I like that it’s not too thick but I’m definitely not a mild salsa person. Bring on the spice. But regardless, free salsa, thank you Pace!

I had my fajita on an Ezekial sprouted grain wrap and Aaron had his on two whole wheat wraps.


My fajita plus we both just started eating the filling right out of the pan.

Afterward, Aaron did the dishes:

We went to bed early Friday night because Aaron was feeling a little sickly and we’re old.

Saturday we were so productive. Wedding things that were accomplished:

  • Being VERY displeased with the service at the Mens Warehouse outside of Ross Park Mall looking for tuxes. DON’T GO THERE. They’re rude and condescending.
  • Being much happier with the service at Tuxedo Junction at Ross Park Mall.
  • Picking out tuxes for the wedding — Aaron got fitted and we’re both pleased with the tux.
  • Eating at Brueggers before attempting to register at Target for the wedding/bridal shower.

We both had the half and half thing. I had half a veggie sandwich on a whole wheat bagel and half a side salad.


Aaron had half of a bacon/turkey sandwich and some white bean chili:

Then we registered. It was a good time though the scanner gun sort of stopped working halfway through. We registered for 37 things and decided Target is going to be the only place we’re registering. Everyone keeps recommending Bed Bath and Beyond but I seriously dislike that store. Not sure why.

We also checked out diy wedding invitations and I think we decided on doing that. Target had some nice ones. I think we’re going to use these, have them printed at kinkos or some other printing place (instead of fighting with a printer at home) and then punching holes in the top and tying on our own ribbon. It’ll end up saving us about $150 and they’re really good quality!

  • After registering, we went and picked out and purchased our wedding bands! Aaron’s was engraved with Aaron & Pam 6/26/10. Mine was too narrow to be engraved but I love it!   

Sunday morning, Aaron had to be at church at 8 to practice with the band so I headed to the gym and ran three quick (for me) miles and then met him at church at 10:30. Afterward, we went to Pamela’s in the Strip District for breakfast. This was my second time going there. The first time was Aaron and my first date. Unfortunately I don’t really like their food. It’s typical greasy, diner food which isn’t really my thing. Aaron likes it though.


He had the morning after special or something. Eggs, bacon and pancakes. I’m not sure what they do to their pancakes to make them rough around the edges like that. Fry them?

I had a veggie omelet which I only ate about 1/4 of. It had mushrooms and peppers inside and wasn’t good so I didn’t really eat much of it. Sigh wasted food.

I was hungry when I got home so I made more food. Leftover fajita and the side salad that I didn’t eat from Brueggers Saturday.


Sunday night Aaron and I watched the Shawshank Redemption which I had never seen but enjoyed very much! Good movie and totally kept my attention for the entire 2 hours and 20 minutes. I had off work today (bank holiday!) so I sat around drinking coffee in the morning and then started searching for a wedding photographer online. I found one that we both really like and she’s available and it fit into our budget! We’re going to sign the contract tomorrow. Her name is Jia and she has a beautiful website so check it out — JiaJia Photography. As part of the package, we also get an engagement session so we’re going to have moooore pictures of us. There will also be two photographers there the day of the wedding plus one at the rehearsal. Sweet!

The rest of the day was spent google chatting/napping/watching daytime tv and being super lazy. I napped twice. I fell asleep while watching a Hillary/Haylie Duff movie on MTV with no sound reading subtitles. I only have basic cable (like 20 channels) but for some reason get mtv with no sound. Yep.

I eventually got up long enough to do 1 and half 20 minute yoga downloads from I did Power Yoga #3 with Dave Farmar and about 10 minutes of a “vigorous” yoga for weight loss video. After hearing about Dave Farmar on a bunch of other blogs, I finally checked it out. I like him. He’s kind of funny. Talks a lot though. Anyway, always has free 20 minute yoga videos to download or you can purchase longer ones.

Okay it’s almost 10:30 PM. Time for bed. Gym in the AM.


Too much squash did me in.

Good Morning!

I didn’t get around to posting last night because I fell asleep at like 8:30! I was exhausted yesterday for some reason. I woke up naturally at 5 AM…with already over 8 hours of sleep.

These pictures are actually from Wednesday but I pretty much ate the exact same things Thursday so it doesn’t make much difference. Wow, the words definitely aren’t flowing this morning. I can’t seem to put sentences together yet…

Wednesday morning I went to the gym before work and did 3 miles at varying speeds on the treadmill.

1/2 cup oats for breakfast with PB, TJ’s High Fiber cereal and about a tablespoon of cinnamon under there. I hid it under the cereal because it’s kind of a ridiculous amount. I ate the apple around 11…

At lunch, I walked over to the Strip District which is about a mile walk and got a few things. I found another kabocha squash at the Asian grocer!!! Also, that peanut butter sucks. Not good at all. It was on sale though and we’re still in a pumpkin shortage I guess so I made due with butternut squash puree.

I also picked up a chobani and ate it with some butternut squash puree when I got back to the office:

I got home and roasted the squash! Soo excited. Those things are good. I ate way too much of it though and felt ridiculous full then decided to have cereal afterward…bad move. Oh well. I didn’t eat ALL of this but probably about half…. The original squash was a three pounder. Oh you eat the skin too. Fiiiiber.

Thursday morning I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the sort of elliptical/stepper thing then got to work and had oatmeal for breakfast, did an hour long yoga class at lunch that was ridiculously intense and I couldn’t do half of the poses then had a sandwich and MORE squash for lunch..

Okayyyy I have to go or else I’m going to miss the bus.



Whole day of foods you say? Si.

It’s Wednesday!

Yesterday I took pictures of almost all of my eats for the first time in a LONG time. Food post time! I’ll list the couple of unpictured things at the end too for honesty’s sake.

I gymed in the morning. I got there around 5:45 AM and did 4 miles (?) on the treadmill while watching Good Morning America. Not a huge fan of George Stephanopolis/Robyn Roberts still. We’ll see ABC, we’ll see.

Oats for breakfast.

1/2 cup rolled oats

2 TBSP Better N’ PB

1/2 cup or so Trader Joe’s High Fiber cereal

Orange around 11 AM for a snack


I ate lunch around 12:15 at my desk. For new readers, I work at an office job in downtown Pittsburgh and generally eat breakfast and lunch at my desk.

I had a spinach salad with 1/4 of a granny smith apple, some sauerkraut (LOVE), feta and Trader Joe’s raspberry vinaigrette. The sandwich is 1/4 cup microwaved egg whites, spinach, more sauerkraut…, feta, sriracha, and mustard on a whole wheat sandwich thin. And I’m still mastering the toaster oven.


I had some carrots (x2) a little after lunch.

And some tea. Found this in the cupboard. Thank you mystery, tea-drinking coworker.

Around 3ish, I had some Stonyfield plain yogurt with more high fiber cereal:


I left work at 5 and made some soup. Uhhh so my plan was to make acorn squash soup with an acorn squash that I’ve had way too long. Well it turned out to be moldy so that went out the window. Enter random vegetable soup. Into a giant pot went baby carrots, vegetable broth, water, 1/2 a zucchini, frozen peas, an onion, and every spice that I could think. I let that simmer until the vegetables were tender then poured it into the food processor with a can of black beans. I wanted creamy soup!

It resembles mud and wasn’t that tasty but I doctored it up with feta and hot sauce and ate alongside another sandwich thin:


I also got some chores done while the soup was cooking –>dreaded vacuuming finally happened and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen floor.

The unpictured foods were a small bowl of cereal with almond milk, cocoa powder and sugar and then a bowl of popcorn. I think that’s it…

I also wanted to show you a few more pictures from the Florida trip. Sorry if you’re getting sick of them!

Me and Aaron eating lunch outside:

times 2:

Giant onion ring appetizer:

After lunch, we took a little walk on the beach.

It was hot…. Noooo not at all but we pretended:



Random car trip with little nephew Addison:

Dinner Saturday night. There was chicken parmesan for everyone else and moo shu shrimp for me:

Sister-in-law & grandma:

Other nephew Parker!

Addison wearing Parker’s new shirt:

Other grandma (Tutu) & Papap came over Sunday and brought GIANT lemons from the tree in their yard:

Seriously big lemons:


We had fun with them:

Sunday’s dinner was lobster tails, crab legs and steak!


Crab (+ giant lemon slices):

Addison & Aaron:

Parker & Addison:

Okayyy that’s all the Florida pictures I promise.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday out there.



Good Morning? ehhh

Good Morning!

Let’s talk about my morning for a minute.

  • Alarm goes off at 5:43 AM
  • Lay in bed reading blogs/email until 5:50ish
  • Get up, make coffee, put on gym clothes
  • Two pairs of pants, shirt, jacket, coat, scarf, gloves
  • Wander out into the 15 degree weather
  • Walk almost the whole two blocks to the bus stop
  • Watch the bus drive by as I’m about 30 feet away

Well I stood there in the snow, mumbling to myself for about 5 minutes then turned around and came back to the apartment.

Defeated by Port Authority.

Oh well.

I decided to do a little yoga in the bedroom while heating up water to make some coffee in my new little French press (Christmas gift from Aaron):


So here I am…sitting in my apartment blogging at 6:41 AM.

Hmmm sort of an uneventful post for you. I do have a picture of my lunch from yesterday. Big, giant salad with spinach/baby lettuces/bell pepper/shallot/almonds/feta/dried fruit/Asian pear with TJ’s raspberry vinaigrette dressing. My cell phone is next to it for size comparison.


Alright I GUESS I’ll shower now. Have a lovely day!

New Year’s Eve Recap. Hey 2010.

Good Morning! It’s only Saturday! My next two weekends are long weekends too so I’m pretty excited. Aaron and I are off to Florida to visit my family on Friday so four day work week!

The nephews:


I haven’t been posting much food lately so I figured I’d post a couple food pictures before the New Years Eve ones.

I’ve been eating oatmeal pretty much every day in the office (with Naturally More peanut butter which is awesome & cinnamon & sometimes pumpkin):


I’ve also been subsisting on egg white & spinach sandwiches & soup. Egg whites in the microwave.


Ooook so I left work at 3 PM New Year’s Eve, bussed home, got ready, read blogs, drank coffee from my new mini French press and then bussed back downtown for MOIP’s show.

A few not so great pictures for you:




They played two sets then we were out of there by 10:15 to get to my friend’s party in Swissvale.

Gina & Jason & sparkling pinot noir & Wheatus.

She was singing Teenage Dirtbag. <– I linked to the MP3.   



Me and Aaron:


New Year’s Eve was lots of fun! I had three glasses of champagne I think plus a beer. Claire and I also discussed wedding planning because she’s getting married this Summer too.

I stayed in bed until about 11 AM Friday. Whoa! I haven’t slept in that late in a long time. Woke up, drank coffee, watched the rose parade sort of and sat around most of the day. Friday evening we headed out to Butler County to have dinner with Aaron’s parents and friend Cindy.


Pork roast, corn, apple sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and sauerkraut.

I LOVE sauerkraut and their pretty plates:

Cindy and Aaron’s father:

Dinner was great! Then we played some Punch Out on the Wii and chatted for a bit.

I went to bed late again last night and woke up around 8 this morning. Morning coffee in Aaron’s girly mug:

Alright I’m going to sit around for a little while longer, drink some more coffee and wait for my laundry to dry.

Plans for today include:

  • Gym
  • Shopping for Christmas gifts for my Florida family
  • Grocery shop for lunch with friends tomorrow
  • Uhhh clean maybe

Alright I’m off. Have a nice Saturday!

Ring #2 & Mancakes

Hello! The rest of the weekend looked something like THIS.

Aaron came over and made pancakes.

Serious business:


Not so serious:




Sick and wanted veggies for lunch:


Saturday evening, I went over to Aaron’s house and watched him assemble a futon while drinking green tea with a fan blowing on me so I didn’t start sweating. THE FEVER! I had to look presentable for dinner with the FUTURE IN-LAWS. WHAT? Diane & Jeff!

There are two articles of plaid and two instruments visible here:

For dinner, we drove A LOT into the Northern parts of PA and eventually made our way to the back woods of Mars, PA and then toward Grove City which is A DIFFERENT WORLD than Pittsburgh. We had dinner at the Iron Bridge Inn which was packed on a Saturday night but also quite enjoyable. The company may have been what made it most enjoyable. Also, Future Mother-in-Law got me/us a book about Real Food. She knows me already! Maybe she stumbled upon ye blog.

Anyway, I had a salad consisting of field greens, apples, cranberries, candied pecans and shrimp with raspberry vinaigrette. It was pretty delicious. Aaron wasn’t too fond of his entree but I bet he enjoyed the French onion soup. We’ll just assume because he didn’t actually say so. So that concludes Saturday night.

Onto Sunday. Church then my very last group then grocery shopping then pushing the limits and going for a run. My fever was gone! My body temperature was back down to 97ish and I was feeling pretty good .

I wore a hat & took a picture. Serious face:

4 miles! The weather was great. I ran 2 miles then stopped in Giant Eagle and had some water at the water fountain then ran another mile then walked a minute then ran the last mile. My legs felt kind of weird after not running for an entire week! Overall my body felt okay. I’ve definitely lost some endurance over the last two weeks or so but I’m not trying to keep up the ability to run 10 miles during the Winter. Not so possible in Pittsburgh unless I was more hardcore and also purchased things like Under Armour and managed to get over my whole, “if it’s below 50 degrees, I’m not running outside” thing.

So running isn’t going to be my main form of exercise going forward. I’ll talk more about my new plan soon.

Sooo the Garmin hasn’t made an appearance recently.

Sweaty and…scared or something.

MONDAY! Back to work after three days off + the weekend! I managed to get through most of my e-mails and urgent matters and then Aaron picked me up from work. We went straight to Leechburg (trip #3) to SIGN THE PAPERS! We went over the contract, discussed some wedding details and signed. We’re officially booked for June 26, 2010! Yayayayayay.

Also, I have a new ring. Pretty, huh???

I won’t go into details about why I’ve had two rings so far because it’s a LONG and personal story. All seems to be well now though.


Breakfast= pumpkin oats with peanut butter

Lunch=tuna on an Arnold’s Thin and a spinach salad then for dessert… pumpkin cake courtesy of Andy. Thanks Andy! It was delicious.

Stuck to the foil! The frosting was great though.

Afternoon snack was yogurt with an oats n’ honey bar and then….SPIN CLASS. It’s probably been a year since I’ve taken spinning. I’m going to be SORE tomorrow. It was great though. It was an hour long and I was DRIPPING sweat by the end. Awesome!

I got home, ate dinner, showered, then Aaron stopped over to say goodnight. He just left now so I’m getting to bed! 10:53 PM.