An evening walk should always end in Whole Foods

Good Morning!! It’s Friday!!! I’m so happy that this week is over. Seriously. I’m not sure if I could handle another day. I do love this weather though. LOVE.

It’s been a while since I took a picture of one of my lunches so I figured I’d show you the excitement that happens at my desk around noon each day.

Egg, spinach, honey mustard and sriracha sandwich on a bagel thin plus half a baked sweet potato. I also ate some butternut squash soup on the side because I was HUNGRY. This lunch did not really satisfy me. I was hungry all day. I ate a Kashi bar a little later. I love the Dark chocolate mocha almond ones.


After work, Aaron came over and we decided to take a walk to get iced tea at some cafe in Shadyside since it was about 80 degrees and sunny yesterday.

Well, we ended up at Whole Foods and didn’t even get iced tea. hahaha. We did get the few items I need for my Easter baking venture plus stuff to make barbecue pizza for dinner. We also walked past Aaron’s dad’s place of employment and ran into him! He walked with us for a bit!

Aaron took this picture. The little box of Kashi came in the mail, not from Whole Foods.

  • pizza crust (had in my freezer)
  • bell pepper
  • low-fat plain yogurt
  • lemon
  • cheddar
  • pineapple
  • cream cheese
  • pear disguised as apple (unpictured because I ate it)


And he took this picture:


And now I must get ready for work but FIRST a couple of exciting things:

  1. Aaron and I purchased a washer and dryer last weekend. (EXCITING, eh?)
  2. I am working on making a wedding website: (soon to be…)
  3. We’re going to relive our college days tonight and cheer on Aaron’s brother’s band (Pet Clinic) here:




Las Vegas is HILARIOUS. really.

Good Afternoon All!

So I’ve taken a few videos that I really wanted to post on here but they are taking FOREVER to upload to YouTube. Apparently this connection is kind of slow. I might give up on the videos until I get back to Pittsburgh or find a speedy connection here (which isn’t very likely).

So first of all, I’m melting. It’s SO hot. I’ve been carrying my trusty blue water bottle around with me everywhere and trying to stay hydrated but I was still dripping with sweat by the time I got back to my hotel this morning.

Let’s review what I’ve done so far… Yesterday I got to my hotel and checked in by about 4. I unpacked and consulted my map and little guidebook. My mission…was Whole Foods. lol. AH I wish I could post the videos. They are so much more entertaining than my typing. Oh well.

So I started walking along the Strip toward Whole Foods. I knew it was pretty far away but I couldn’t remember how far. Well once I got to the Miracle Mile shops or whatever they’re called, I was STARVING so I tracked down a little sandwich shop. I’ve noticed that there are very few vegetarian options at any of the restaurants around here. This is sad. I was hoping to find a cool little vegetarian place to try. Oh well.

I ordered the only vegetarian thing that they had on the menu at this place — a wrap called The Spa.

It was actually really good and they had a condiment bar with all kinds of different sauces. I got Satay Peanut Sauce. mmm.

Roasted vegetables, spinach, feta and balsamic vinegar:
I ate the whole thing plus a few of the chips.

Okay…now I have the energy to continue my Whole Foods trek. So I continued walking along the Strip and noticed that I was kind of nearing the end of the heavily populated area and wasn’t so comfortable walking around by myself. Luckily I packed a route map of The DEUCE. Oh yes, Vegas has double decker buses that run along the Strip call the Deuce. Ha. I found myself a bus, paid $3 and made my way to the mecca that is Whole Foods.

The inside of the bus..can’t figure out how to rotate the picture… Oh well. The bus has TV screens showing the upcoming routes.

Only I would come to Vegas and go to Whole Foods.

In order to make my trip a little cheaper, I decided to buy some lunch ingredients to keep in my hotel room and just make my own lunches and snacks. I also packed baggies of pre-mixed oatmeal/cereal/cinnamon to make overnight oats for breakfasts. I am ridiculous.

I used to be afraid of Whole Foods and now I am in love.
I ground some fresh, raw cashew butter!

And I saw someone braving the 100 degree weather and running! You’re a crazy man!
That picture was taken from outside of Whole Foods. See how far it was from the Strip??! Thank goodness I caught a bus. I would have been walking for hours.

I caught the Deuce back to my hotel and made friends with some drunk people on the bus. Las Vegas is HILARIOUS. Everything is over the top and you can carry around drinks. Like alcohol. The place where I got my wrap was selling alcoholic smoothies. I haven’t had a drink yet. I probably won’t. I thought about buying a bottle of wine AT WHOLE FOODS but decided I wasn’t really in the mood to drink. I’m surprised people aren’t passing out on the sidewalks from dehydration with all of this drinking and 105 degree temperatures.

I finally got back to my hotel around 9 and was pretty exhausted. My brain was thinking it was midnight. I ate a yogurt snack and some baby carrots with cashew butter and then laid in bed watching the Travel Channel.

There might be a package of carrots in my ice bucket… The housekeeper probably laughed. I stored a yogurt in there overnight too.

I got to bed around 10 and slept until 8 AM! I was pretty exhausted. I ended up doing a lot of walking yesterday.

I soaked my oats overnight and they were ready for breakfast this morning. I added a yogurt to this too. Looks appetizing right? Cashew butter was involved too.

After this, I showered and headed out to find coffee. There is a Starbucks in my hotel. $3.25 for a small coffee! Ohh well.

I packed snacks for the road too:
I didn’t end up eating the Kashi bar but I did eat the carrots and grape tomatoes.

I wandered and wandered and wandered this morning. I came across my favorite store in the whole entire world, Anthropologie,
where I found a giant porcelain snail candle that I really wanted to buy but couldn’t figure out how I would get it back to Pittsburgh. I’m still considering it…

Here are some of the pictures that I took yesterday and today. I decided I would post all of the “tourist” pictures in gallery form and then the food pictures individually since this is a food blog…

After very much wandering (and dying from the heat) I made it back to the hotel for lunch around 1. I created a tuna/carrot/tomato/mustard wrap on an Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla plus some baby carrots on the side and a nectarine.

I don’t have a refrigerator but I’m making do with things like this:

Here’s lunch:

Alright that’s about it for now. I think I’m heading out to the pool to do some reading and swimming! More later.

Embracing my heritage through pizza.

Good Afternoon!

It’s vacation day #1 over here. Basically I’m trying to focus on doing whatever I feel like doing. This seems pretty obvious I guess for any weekend day but really, I normally try to fit chores and errands into my days and not waste the two days of the weekend with things like … taking a two hour nap (which I did today). Sometimes you just need to RELAX and do whatever you’re feeling.

Anyway, let’s back up to Thursday night. Coworker and I walked to the Strip at lunch and I got pizza crusts, cheese and a few other things for dinner that night. Penn Mac has the best plain pizza crusts that I’ve found in this lovely city. TJ’s has raw whole wheat dough which I love but didn’t want to have to drive over there after work. Even 1.5 miles is TOO FAR during rush hour. You know you’re a city person when you think driving 1.5 miles is a hassle.

By the way, that’s how EVERYONE is in Rhode Island. Driving 10 miles is like unthinkable when your state is only about 30 miles wide.

<3Rhode Island though.

Back to the dinner… it was Farmer’s Market Thursday so I had to stop and get some things. The farmer's market makes me so happy every week. It’s on my Outlook calendar at work with a reminder.

I got this stuff for a total of $3.50.
3 zucchini – $1
2 bell peppers – $1
3 gypsy peppers – $1
cutest little eggplant – $0.50

Now I just have to finish all of this plus the rest of the produce in my fridge by Monday evening. You know it'll happen.

I decided to make two mini-pizzas since I couldn’t fit all of the toppings that I wanted onto one… For pizza number 1, I marinated 1 portobello mushroom cap, 1 diced zucchini and some yellow onion in olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, red & black pepper for about 30 minutes. I just put it all in a plastic container, shook it and then refrigerated for a while.

Then I put the marinated veggies on a baking sheet and roasted at 400 for 10 minutes so they’d be partially cooked and then finish cooking on the pizza.

Pizza #1
plain crust
pizza sauce (provided by Andy)
mozzarella & provolone cheese
roasted veggies

Pizza masterpiece (pre-cook):

I decided to go rustic with pizza number 2… I had been reading an article about “authentic” Naples pizza being really just crust rubbed with olive oil and garlic, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil so I created my own little version. I AM ITALIAN and all and live in Pittsburgh’s little Italy. How funny I find this.

Sooo I rubbed about a tablespoon of olive oil into the crust then crushed a clove of garlic and rubbed that all over the crust then sliced a perfectly ripe tomato thickly, placed it on top of the olive oil and then covered with cheese. As you can see, I didn’t use fresh mozzarella. Shhh. We aren’t rich over here. I also sprinkled on some salt and pepper. IT’S STILL AUTHENTIC.

Pizza #2
plain crust
sliced tomatoes in their prime (read: don’t do this in the winter)
mozzarella & provolone cheese
red onion
fresh basil added after cooking

Pre-cook pizza #2:

And the finished slices:

They were good! Andy preferred the roasted veggie pizza and I preferred my authentic little labor of love that wasn’t really laborious at all. I originally typed laborsome there and found that that is not a word.

In case you’re wondering, the crusts were already cooked so we just baked the pizzas at 450 for about 9 minutes. Delicious and cheaper and healthier than take out!

Okay, I have last night to post about too and also my run this morning but I’m going to put that in another post a little later.

Off to create some dinner!

August needs to stop.

Heyyy Blog Kids!

Only one more work day this week! This week FLEW. This month FLEW. At the last holiday gathering at my Aunt’s house (probably Easter), she asked me if time started to seem to go really fast to me. I told her I didn’t understand what she meant. She said something like, “it hasn’t happened yet then.” Well Aunt Isabel, I think it’s happened. Time is FLYING and I want it to stop. I’m 25 years old. Time needs to SLOW DOWN.

Okay done with my little rant. So the last few nights I haven’t been sleeping very well. I’ve been waking up throughout the night really HOT and uncomfortable. Normally I don’t wake up at all and I never remember my dreams. I’ve been having really vivid dreams recently. Perhaps I should stop eating oatmeal at 10 PM. Hm.

Well even though I didn’t exactly sleep well, by some miracle, I got up at 5:15 this morning and ran. Whaaat? I actually didn’t leave the house until about 5:40 because it was a bit too dark until then. The plan was 4 miles. It was an uneventful run. I don’t remember what was going through my head but I wasn’t thinking about the running at all. I think I was just enjoying the sunrise and the early morning quiet.

Here’s the Garmin:
I had a half of a banana and iced coffee before the run. If you can handle coffee before running, I’d recommend it. CAFFEINE! I usually eat a banana and have coffee before every run regardless of the time of day.

That’s how I roll.

We all have our routines.

I got to work at 8 AM without encountering any rain. (I missed the weather this morning and didn’t pack my umbrella). I’m a risk taker.

So pumpkin oats with Puffins and another banana in the morning + some carrots:

I ended up going for a walk with Coworker to the North Shore along that trail for about 45 minutes. Lots of exercise today. I snacked on mucho dry cereal today. snacktastic.

So I didn’t actually eat this salad today. I think I had it yesterday. I had SUBWAY today but didn’t take a picture so you can have yesterday’s lunch picture:

It was Farmer’s Market Thursday today in B-field! I had to stop and get a few things.

  • cantaloupe – $1
  • 3 yellow squash – $2
  • tomatoes – $3
    I LOVE the farmer’s market. I’ll have to take some pictures next week for the blog.

    Ohhh yesterday I took some pictures of my porch plants.

    Tomatoes are changing colors!
    And I have TWO peppers! I have no idea what kind of peppers they are…

    I also took a picture yesterday when walking home from the bus stop because the Cathedral of Learning looked lovely.

    I ran (not literally) to the grocery store after work and got a few things and then roasted some veggies for part of my dinner. Zucchini, a few brussels and red onion. I had some leftover spinach so I put the raw spinach on a plate and covered it with the hot veggies to wilt the spinach a bit w/ Sriracha. Delicious. There will be more dinner now so I’m off.

    Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I don’t really have any plans this weekend except for my work picnic at the zoo on Sunday. Fun! Alright everyone, please take a moment and relish the fact that it is Thursday evening and tomorrow at this time, you will be FREE for the weekend!

  • Just give it time.


    Thursday is over!! I’m in love with Fridays. LOVE. My day went quite smoothly. There were no problems in the office and it was a nice day outside though ridiculously hot.

    Pumpkin oats for breakfast + a banana:

    Some dry Kashi Heart to Heart (herein referred to as Kashi<3 )at some point too.

    I decided to take a walk to the Strip at lunch to stock up on cinnamon and a few other things.


    I got cinnamon plus a few other things at Right by Nature:

    This stuff is on sale for 99 cents!!! I bought 5 and ate one with Kashi ❤ for an afternoon snack.

    Please notice that I didn’t show you lunch. I’m also not showing you dinner because they were both BORING.

    Here is something exciting:
    Kohlrabi! I couldn’t help myself as I got off of the bus and walked through my weekly farmer’s market. I didn’t really need anything but I decided to get some nicely priced bell peppers and then spotted the kohlrabi. I questioned the guy behind the table and he said it’s delicious raw. I obviously can’t pass up a new vegetable so I got a bunch. I’ll give you a review once I taste it.

    I just read the Wikipedia info about kohlrabi. Apparently it is a German turnip that can be eaten raw or cooked. Kohl means cabbage in German. Didn’t know that. Why would there be a department store named Kohl’s? Anyway, kohlrabi is one of the most commonly eaten vegetables in Kashmir. Interesting food facts for you!

    Moving on…

    I was supposed to run today but I thought about doing it tomorrow morning instead since it was like 85 degrees today! I also considered going to the gym but then remembered how much I HATE running on a treadmill so I figured I’d just do a short run and walk a little.

    Here’s the Garmin:
    I ran that much then stopped and got a drink and walked about a mile home. It was nice to walk a bit. I turned off my iPod and actually listened to my surroundings. Good. Relaxing.

    And it’s almost 9 PM already so I’m going to put my laundry in the dryer and then read.

    Oh also, I have a …beef… with unnecessary purchases. It really, really irks me when people buy lots of items that they don’t really need. You only need so much stuff. Whenever I want to purchase things, I really try to consider whether it’s something that is useful and I will appreciate. I don’t want to just collect things. Here’s a bad metaphor for you that will bring my discussion back to some relation to food.

    Buying tons of unnecessary things is kind of like over-eating. You don’t appreciate the food as much when you aren’t actually hungry.

    Sorry I’m not very insightful or perhaps I just can’t put it into words but people place WAY too much emphasis on material things.

    The end.

    Happy Thursday to you!

    Weekend Recapped.

    Good Evening All!

    Well it’s Sunday night. I should be getting into bed but I’m not really tired. Lots of things happened this weekend. Friday night after work I thought about taking a nap but that didn’t happen. Josh came and picked me up and we went to Dick’s so that he could buy camping things and I could wander around trying to find running water bottles. …could not find them…

    After that, I convinced him to come to Silky’s with me to meet up with two old friends — Mike and Mike. I used to live with both of them about …4 years ago. It was nice to catch up and I CAN’T believe I forgot to take a picture. What has gotten into me??? Josh and I shared a pitcher of Sierra Nevada and then I went to bed by around midnight.

    Saturday I woke up with NO hangover! I mean I only had like 2 beers but normally I can feel it no matter what in the morning. Maybe it was okay because it wasn’t horribly cheap beer?

    I got up pretty early and went out to buy things for fruit salad for Andy’s parent’s cookout. I also went for a run.

    The Garmin:
    I ended up running down Liberty Ave all the way into town and then taking a bus home. I like to skip the uphill like that…

    Here’s the fruit pre-fruit salad:
    I bought a whole pineapple. It came with instructions!! It was actually a lot easier than I thought.

    Here I am ripping it apart:

    How about I forgot to take a picture of the finished salad and then I took NOO pictures the whole day at Andy’s until we were in the car on the way to firework viewing! I was a terrible food blogger this weekend. Just terrible. Things that happened during the 8 hours I was in “Level Green” over by Monroeville:

  • Green tea drinking
  • Kickball playing with little children
  • Whiffle ball playing with little children
  • Eating veggie quesadillas
  • Eating corn on the cob
  • Eating fruit salad
  • Eating CAKE!
  • Badminton playing with little children
  • Air hockey playing with little children
  • Convincing little children to take a break
  • Watching Andy do laundry

    Around 8:45, we left his house to find a place to watch fireworks.

    Blurry picture:

    And ragged looking me after all of that activity:

    The fireworks were okay… and then he drove me home and I went to bed EXHAUSTED. It was a good Fourth of July! I also got to hear an America song in the car on the way home so that made me day. LOVE INDEPENDENCE and songs that remind me about it…

    This morning, I woke up around 7:30 and ate some leftover fruit salad (the only pic you’ll see because I finished it today!) and lots of coffee:

    I went out in the morning to do some things and then stopped and got groceries at Trader Joe’s. I had a Z Bar in the car because I can’t control myself when there are bags of groceries next to me.

    The groceries = $35:

    I ate this x3 today… I love some microwaved egg whites with my FAVORITE SALSA EVER. I’m going to try to recreate it once my cilantro grows up and stops being lame and flowering.

    After eating and digesting for a bit, I got ready for my long run attempt. Andy gave me these so I decided to try them out. He got them in his ‘goodie bag’ from some race he did.

    My hair was not budging. Seriously.

    I set out for my run at 11:30. I wasn’t exactly sure of my route but knew I was going to head toward the Strip. I went all over the place. You’d be amazed how far you can go in five miles… I crossed 3 bridges! I ended downtown, bought a bottle of water and hopped on a bus home. I love doing that!

    Here’s the Garmin for you:
    I was very pleased with my pace and I didn’t take any walking breaks except for 2 red lights I think!

    The sunscreen on my forehead started peeling somehow. Weird.
    I need to track down a sweat-proof sunscreen that is for sensitive skin. I have Neutrogena Face sunscreen but my skin DOES NOT LIKE IT so I can’t use it.

    I got home and ate lots and lots of things with no pictures except for this one:
    Roasted veggies. YES. I’m pretty sure that every vegetable tastes better when roasted. This time I experimented with one of my farmer’s market zucchini. It was awesome! I also roasted brussels sprouts, a small onion and some grape tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted at 400 degrees for about 22 minutes. The zucchini was ridiculously good. Luckily they’re super cheap and people are always trying to get rid of them. GIVE ME YOUR ZUCCHINI!

    Alright I really have to go. My dryer really doesn’t stop…ever…and my clothes have been in there a long time.

    I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing, fun weekend.

  • FAGE!


    Hello All!

    Let’s see.

    So this morning I set my alarm for 5:15 AM. I had plans of either running outside or going to the gym and then showering and getting ready there for work. Did you know that it is not nearly light enough at 5:30 to frolic around Bloomfield by yourself? Well now you know. Maybe I should get a pocket knife or something or a belt for my pepper spray. Maybe I’ll just tape it to my arm. No, I need a Velcro apparatus for easy access.

    Anyway, so I decided to go to the gym since I was already awake and determined to run somewhere. I got to the gym by 6:10 (ate a banana on the bus) and ran uhhh a little less than 3 miles at about a 9 minute mile pace. I quickly showered and got ready (not looking so hot today) and then made it to work by 8.

    By then, I was STARVING and started stirring my oats before I took a picture. OH no!

    Mid-stir oats:
    With PB2!

    Morning snack was a bunch of frozen/melted strawberries.

    At 12:30, I headed outside to wander a bit and then eventually made it to Pita Pit. I got back to the office and attempted to cut the pita in half and it FELL APART. Mr. Pita Assemby Man wasn’t up to the task today. Ah well. So I ate it with a fork — 1/2 the pita and a cup of roasted red pepper/tomato soup from home:

    Then I ate some Multi-Grain Cherrios because I was still hungry. I got these at CVS. There aren’t too many cereal options at CVS but these aren’t too filled with bunches of fake crap.

    Today went so quickly because it was ridiculously busy. I was kind of tired but caffeinated with two cups of coffee today. I left work and stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home.

    I got the BIGGEST bunch of red leaf lettuce ever:
    And a bunch of onions:

    I just ran (not literally – I drove) to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I’m not going to show you my dinner because you’ll cry. I did splurge on some best ever Greek yogurt – FAGE – and am about to eat a giant serving of that.

    Penguin’s game in 6 minutes. GOT TO GO!