I don’t think we’re hip enough for Korean food.

First things first,

Look what I registered for today!!

pgh marathon.tiff

I’m doing the half marathon not the full but I finally registered! Today was the very last day to use a $10 coupon code so I signed up. Can’t WAIT for half marathon #2!

Aaron is at a show right now at Howlers so I’m here on my own tonight. I’ve watched two episodes of Tudors then read blogs, played with Twitter and looked at homes on Craigslist… I found a few nice ones šŸ™‚

Last night, Aaron and I went to a notary to switch my car registration from my parents to us. I finally own a car! 26 years old. We own a house too but I’ve never actually been involved with the purchase of either of those things. Some day soon hopefully. Re-registering the car was the first step in trading it in for a new one. One that isn’t a gold, two door, rear wheel drive sports car.

After the notary stop, we had dinner at a new Korean restaurant in Squirrel Hill called Green Pepper.

Now let me preface this by saying that neither of us had ever had Korean food and weren’t familiar with it at all. With that said, take this review lightly because perhaps … we just don’t have refined taste buds.


Green Pepper was a tiny little hole in the wall on Murray Avenue. There isn’t really a sign outside so we passed it right up.

The walls were bright green and the tables and chairs were black. It was packed in there too. It’s small but every table was taken. We were seated and then sat there looking around for about 10 minutes before a waitress came over and asked if we were ready to order. Hmm. We ordered an appetizer of Korean sushi and then I ordered the vegetarian Bibim Bop for my dinner and Aaron ordered Pork Dumpling Stew.

We waited quite a while after ordering but finally our food came out. The appetizer came and then the entrees within about 3 minutes of each other.

Aaron and I both tasted the sushi… Aaron tasted it first and didn’t say anything. Then I tasted it. AHH. I couldn’t even swallow it. Seriously. 1 napkin down.


My dinner was a bowl of rice with a bunch of veggies on top and a fried egg. It also came with four little sides that I think I was supposed to add to the bowl.

We should have done some Korean food research before going I think because I had no clue how to eat it…


Here are the little side dishes that came with mine:


Aaron seemed to like his dumpling stew but he definitely didn’t love it. That’s kind of how I felt about my dinner too.

All in all, we were glad that we went and had a good time trying something new. I don’t know if this food was necessarily bad, I think maybe we just didn’t like it.

No matter what though, it was fun and interesting …and memorable!


A few new things

Good Morning!

A few really quick things because my laptop is dying…

I ran out of aluminum foil this morning so my wrap will definitely fall apart by lunch:


That’s egg whites, spinach and sriracha on an Ezekial sprouted grain wrap (I’m low on groceries). Plus a cup of creamy tomato basil soup with some frozen broccoli thrown in.

Also, I’ve recently switched to soy milk creamer instead of regular half and half (though I still use the regular stuff at work). Anyway, I’ve used the TJ’s brand and the Silk brand and I like TJ’s WAY more. The Silk stuff isn’t as creamy or something. Sweet, I like the cheaper one!


And one more thing… my dad sent me his Nikon D50 DSLR!!!!!! My picture quality will soon increase!!!! If I can figure out how to use it. I took about 80 pictures of Aaron the other day with it. He wanted to kill me.

What’s on the agenda for today? Well yesterday I went for a slooow jog around Shadyside. It was so nice outside so I came home from work and went out without my Garmin and just jogged around super slow for about 40 minutes. It was so nice not to have to worry about time or speed. I need to do that more often.

Anyway, today….work then I think Aaron and I have marriage counseling session #3 this evening then we’re supposed to start the SHRED. Let’s hope we have time!

Have a good day!!


Well tomorrow is Friday. I actually didn’t want this week to end. Seriously. I’m a bit nervous about the 1/2 marathon Saturday so I’ve been appreciating each day this week. TIME TO PREPARE. Well, I’m done preparing now. I had my last run yesterday. Two days of rest and then run in the rain Saturday morning. It may not rain actually but we’ll see. I’ve been checking the weather 10 times a day each day this whole week… It said no rain up until yesterday I think.

So moving on, I didn’t post any of my meals yesterday so I figured I’d post lunch from yesterday. I made a little tuna salad with 1/2 can of albacore tuna (because clearly I haven’t been getting enough mercury lately), broccoli slaw, a few remaining survivors from my grape tomato plant, mustard and hot sauce. It was pretty delicious. I put it on Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat bread that I got from FoodBuzz. I also received a loaf of the 12 Grain bread which I finished and never blogged about! It was delicious! It was dense, chewy and there were nuts in it. It was very filling. I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the whole wheat after the 12 grain. The whole wheat just seems a bit dry and flavorless. It’s not bad but I don’t know if I’d go out and buy it. The nutrition stats are good though. 110 calories per slice, 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein.

I also microwaved some kale with more broccoli slaw and red pepper flakes for a little veggie side.


After work, I REALLY didn’t feel like running. During the day I moaned and complained to my coworker about it and she said, “just put on your running clothes and shoes, go out there for 5 minutes and if you still don’t want to run, then don’t.” Soooo I did that and I told myself, it’s only 3 miles, I’ll be done in half an hour. Well I went out there and ran 3 miles faster than I’ve probably ever run. AMAZING. Uhhh normally, my legs would be laughing at me. Every once in a well (like very, VERY rarely) my legs are okay with running fast. Normally they balk at anything under 9:30/minute.

Long-sleeve running weather!


I got home, went to Trader Joe’s for a few things and then ate EIGHT CUPS of spinach. Haha. Yes, that’s a whole bag of microwaved spinach with broccoli slaw and egg whites. I’m weird.

I added every high sodium condiment in my fridge.

I’m supposed to be getting extra sodium in preparation for my run right?? Check that off the list.

Sooo that was last night.

I got a new cereal at TJ’s yesterday. It tastes like Life! On the cubicle window sill at work. Because everyone carries a box of cereal into work with them. And then photographs it.


Nutrition info for you:

And the ingredients. All natural Life pretty much.

Close-up with the last of my Kashi Honey Sunshine also:


Work was okay today. I pretty much stared at spreadsheets for about 8 hours. Typical day in the office. I did have a discussion with a coworker about sewing little wings on my socks for the race and shaving lightning bolts into my hair. I run like LIGHTNING.
Farmer’s market Thursday!!! Brussels sprouts and a big onion. I’m looking forward to some fresh Brussels sprouts in my life for part of tomorrow evening’s dinner.

So I got home from work and checked my email. GUESS WHAT??? I got my first hate comment on the blog! Exciting right? I feel like the real deal now. I won’t tell you exactly what it said but it did include pamcakesandSTUPIDeggs. lol. Of course they pointed out typos too. Please friend, continue to proofread my blog posts for me because clearly I do not.
Dinner tonight was random as always. 1/2 a giant acorn squash (with brown sugar, cinnamon and crushed fake Life) plus a piece of bread with Greek yogurt and strawberry preserves on top. I also ate two carrots and a banana. Now I’m drinking some decaf Earl Grey tea and waiting for Aaron to come over and potentially get me sick. He said he has a tickle in his throat. I threatened him yet he’s still coming to visit. Must not get sick before the race! I’m taking a vitamin C supplement right now.

Okay let’s bring this blog post to an end. I’m SO nervous about the race. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

Have a nice evening!

Let us throw off everything that hinders…

It’ll be Wednesday morning hopefully when I publish this post. Right now it’s Tuesday — 9:11 PM. I’m in bed wearing a hoodie and shorts. It’s COLD outside. I should have worn socks to work today.

I guess I didn’t post Monday’s pictures so here we go.

Oats with too much cinnamon and microwaved too long. Yuck. But I still ate them…


Lunch was about 4 cups of spinach, broccoli slaw, carrots and peanut sauce microwaved down to nothing to keep my stomach happy.

The weather was beautiful at lunch yesterday so I took a walk over to the North Shore. Tight weather has officially begun!

Check it:

Take a close look at my left ankle. See that weird bump? Those appear after I run. Is that weird? Unhealthy??

Who knows.

Sooo I got home from work and had a package waiting for me. Loaves of bread courtesy of the FoodBuzz Taste Makers program. Review to follow soon.

Yesterday evening I went to Michael’s (craft store) and got some baking supplies because I’m going to be doing some baking tomorrow night! It’s going to be experimental so it should be interesting.
Oh well.
Oats again…. with Kashi Heart 2 Heard Warm Cinnamon. It’s pretty delicious.

I have a coworker who is currently doing Weight Watchers so she’s doing the whole counting points thing. She had these in her desk and gave me one. I had it for a snack with lunch. THEY ARE AMAZING. AH. So so so good. You definitely need the little individually sized portion control packages with these. Trust me. Unless you have willpower. Which I do not.


Nutrition facts for you:


Lunch was another HUGE portion of spinach microwaved to nothin plus an Arnold’s Thin:


After work, I went for a run. It was only about 53 degrees outside… I wore shorts and a long-sleeve shirt and ended up still being kind of cold. My hands were cold. Now I understand why I see runners wearing shorts and tshirts with gloves. Finally makes sense to me! So the plan was 6 miles. That did not happen. It started to rain again. Light rain but still. I was cold and wet AGAIN. Enough of this weather Pittsburgh. It’s LAME. Here’s the Garmin. 5 miles. Alright. Kind of fast.

And here is some more proof that I eat weird things. Roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and onion with microwaved egg whites on top…. I feel like I wouldn’t eat like this if someone else was around. I really have no reason to eat normal meals when it’s just me. I’m going to have to give up these weird eating habits if I ever live with someone. I’m okay with that. I’d like to start planning and eating more actual meals rather than just the same ingredients over and over again in slightly varying forms. Roasted vegetables, salads, eggs, oatmeal, tofu, beans. I need to change it up.

That’s about it for you tonight.

Oh by the way, I AM THE SRIRACHA QUEEN. Bottle #2 bites the dust.


Good day!

Come and open up your folding chair next to me.

Good Evening!

Today went quickly.

I woke up at 5:30 AM and was out the door (in the dark) by 5:45. The run went pretty well although I was a little uncomfortable since it was so dark out still. No one harassed me though so we’re good.

The plan was 4 miles. I almost made it:
The pace was 9:15ish. I can’t remember what it was exactly. I kind of felt like I was going faster butttt no. Let’s blame the wild humidity.

I was dripping with sweat by the time I got back. I drank lots of water and had a banana then got ready for work. My shower is way too hot. I had it as cool as it could be and I was still practically sweating when I got out. Not fun.

Don’t worry, I messed with the water heater a few minutes ago. We’ll see what happens.

I had oats with peanut butter and Puffins for breakfast today and then another banana because I was still hungry.

Ohhh I wanted to mention these veggie burgers:

They’re delicious! I bought them at Trader Joe’s for $3.99 for a four pack. I suppose that’s kind of expensive but they’re way better than Morningstar Burgers.

Here’s the box:

Not overladen with sodium like Boca Burgers (sorry for the bad picture):
That man is very serious about these burgers.

No crazy ingredients:
I give these two thumbs up and will probably purchase them again.

Okay on to the rest of today’s eats.

After a lonnnng meeting in the morning, I was hungry.

I met Andy for lunch. I said that I wanted a sandwich so we went to Bruegger’s. We had a buy one get one coupon! I got a garden veggie sandwich on a whole wheat bagel:
Love pickles! Seriously love.

Andy had a Leonardo Da Veggie sandwich but I really didn’t take a picture… We both also had Honest Teas.
Good lunch!

Yogurt snack in the PM:

And then of course I stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home.

$3.75 bought me this:

  • 2 zucchini & bell pepper = $1
  • 3 onions = $2
  • round zucchini = $0.75

    My dinner involved the round zucchini but I’ll show that experiment later…

    It’s almost 8 now. I don’t really have much to say. I’m trying to decide what to do tomorrow evening. Maybe a show. Maybe not. We’ll see. I have TONS of stuff to do at work tomorrow. Yay! I love being busy and productive.

    The title of the post is a Regina Spektor lyric if you’re wondering.

    Off to fold laundry!

  • Cahoots is a word.

    Good Afternoon/early evening I guess

    I’m currently uploading the remainder of the videos from the show Friday night so I’ll do a post of yesterday and today instead. The video will be up soon I swear!

    So yesterday afternoon, I went to a party in North Park to celebrate this girl’s birthday:
    You may recognize her as the blog personality formerly known as New Friend.

    Happy 23rd Birthday Sarah!

    I took a few pictures over the course of the day:

    Sarah provided the burgers and hot dogs and people brought side dishes and drinks. I brought a veggie tray with white bean/basil hummus:
    BEST HUMMUS EVER. I did not make it. shhh. Trader Joe’s ā¤

    The party was lots of fun! There were families and babies in attendance as well as a bunch of fairly new to me friends. Yay new friends! It was a barbecue. I brought some veggie burgers but I'm pretty sure I was the only pseudo-vegetarian in attendance and I didn't even eat one! I ate all of the side dishes instead:

    I also went for a run WAY earlier in the day:
    Sorry for the blurry picture. It was a crappy run too. Oh well. I set my alarm for 6 AM Sunday morning and accidentally slept until 8. Oops. That threw off my plans for the day. My new plan was run first thing before it got hot which I did…around 9 then got back and showered, ate breakfast and didn’t go to Church until the 12:30 service! I was hoping to make the 11:10 but that just didn’t happen. I’ve never been to the 12:30 one. There weren’t many people there. I’ve never even been to the 11:10 service. I think my favorite is 8:30. It’s still crowded but not as insane as 9:50. I am probably one of like 10 people under 30 at the 8:30 one though….

    That was a long rant about something completely irrelevant to all of you. I’m sorry. That’s how I write.

    I also wanted to mention that I had my first taste of Amazing Grass:
    In case you’re wondering, here’s some info:
    Amazing Meal Original Blend is a naturally balanced source of protein, antioxidant & phytonutrient rich superfoods, cleansing fiber, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Each bottle contains 15 servings.

  • 10 grams of complete protein, 6 grams of fiber in every serving
  • Full spectrum of Green SuperFoods ā€“ wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa & kale
  • Organic Super Fruits ā€“ Goji & AƧaĆ­ berries
  • Great source of chlorophyll, antioxidants and essential fatty acids
  • 100% whole food nutrition ā€“ no fillers or isolated vitamins

    I mixed it with some water and a little Almond Milk and some sugar. It kind of tasted like bad hot chocolate. It did however, give me TONS of energy for about an hour. I was buzzing like I had just had a giant cup of coffee. I think I’ll buy it again.

    Okay I’m really having issues with uploading this video. It was SO CLOSE to being done and then I lost my connection. Kill me.

    Let’s move on to today’s meals so far.

    I was pretty exhausted this morning. I didn’t sleep well because I kept waking up in the middle of the night because I have like 20 mosquito bites. AHHH. So itchy. I have one on my forehead. Seriously. Ridiculous. I should take a picture. I won’t. I might. Later.

    I had some very strong coffee in the morning and then oats with Puffins and a spoonful of peanut butter in the morning! I may have stolen a spoonful of someone’s peanut butter at work.

    This kept me oddly full all morning (probably because I woke up and ate something in the middle of the night) so I didn’t have my banana until around noon.

    I went outside at lunch and read in Mellon Square for a bit and bought some Benadryl to drug myself later. The book I’m reading is really good. It’s really short though so I’m almost done already. I’m also still reading Julie and Julia but it’s pretty lame. I can’t get into it. I hate her writing.

    I got back to the office around 1:30 and had lunch. That would sprouted 7 grain bread with tuna, spinach, tomato, mustard and barbecue sauce plus a couple carrots:

    Afternoon snack was this with Puffins (on my cubicle wall). Boss caught me taking this picture and shook his head laughing as he walked by:

    Okay I HATE THIS INTERNET. It has deleted the end of this post TWICE. I’m just going to end it right now. AH.


    Have a nice evening.

  • shakira shakira

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    I’m sitting in the library on my lunch break. I almost went and got coffee because my office is FREEZING but managed to stop myself. I really need to stop buying drinks in the afternoon. Way to save money packing lunch but then waste it buying over-priced drinks at Rite Aid and Crazy Mocha.


    Trader Joe Oat’s for breakfast. Um so they’re exactly the same as any other Old Fashioned oat I’ve ever had. Seriously. Makes no difference. You, my friends, are better off buying the generic bread and saving $2.

    Pumpkin Oats with Kashi Heart to Heart plus frozen strawberries:

    Ohh also, last night I was feeling really anxious but tired so I ended up getting into bed by 9, reading and then sleeping by 10. I was wide awake this morning at 5:15 when the alarm went off so I went out for a run at about 5:40 AM. It was light enough at that point. My Garmin battery died about 2 minutes into though! Ohhh well. I think I ran about 3.5 miles or something. I felt kind of slow but WHO KNOWS? There was Shakira on my playlist. You would think that would have gotten me moving…

    My running playlists are HILARIOUS.

    YES the man breathing heavily next to me just left. Strange people in the library sometimes.

    I just ate lunch before coming over to the library. I had leftover stuffed peppers (better the second day!) and a small salad. I was eating the salad and kept wondering why it tasted different than my normal salads and then I realized it was the fresh basil. I love basil in everything. It made me want to make spring rolls. I should do that. I have a surplus of rice papers in the cupboard. I’m cutting back on groceries this weekend in an attempt to use up all of the junk that has been accumulating prior vacation. The goal this weekend is to only buy perishable items. We’ll see how that goes…

    So here’s my lunch:

    And that’s about it for now. No blogging this evening because I’ll be out so dinner will be quick and likely boring.
    Have a nice day!