Sam’s Birthday Party

Sam’s birthday party.  It ended up being quite a bit of work and planning but turned out great!  Everyone seemed to have fun and there were no major catastrophes.  My grandparents came into town (from Florida) a week before the party and my parents came into town (also from Florida) a few days before.  Most of the food prep was done the day before the party by my mom and grandma.  For the food, we had pasta salad (this one), regular salad, fruit kabobs, veggies and dip and tabouli (courtesy of my in-laws), and burgers and hot dogs plus veggie burgers and vegan hot dogs for our vegan friends.

I didn’t take any pictures of the actual party at all!  My friend Gina took some and is going to send them over.  In the meantime… all I have are pictures of the desserts.

Sam was not into the cupcake we gave him at all.  People started singing happy birthday to him and he started crying hysterically and wouldn’t even try the cupcake.  Poor kid.  He relaxed after and played in the grass and then really got into opening the presents.  He now has TONS of toys. Tons.

We had lots of desserts.  I’m still eating the cupcakes (we froze the leftovers after the party).


My grandma came over a few days before the party and helped me make the chocolate chip cookies and the thumbprints and they went into the freezer until the party.  I made the sugar cookie star toppers a few days before the party too.  It was good practice to make a million little stars and decorate with royal icing.  I really want to get good at making decorated cookies.  The S cookies and the little tulips were made a few days before the party too.


The day right before the party, I made the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and left them unfrosted until the morning of the party.  I would have probably frosted them the day before too but we had no room in the fridge for them.  I made vanilla cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes which I loved.  It was a recipe from Glorious Treats.  Here’s a link to it.  Lastly, the brownies were a mix!   They were vegan and gluten-free because we had some vegan friends coming and some gluten intolerant friends and I didn’t want them to be dessert-less.  It’s a Trader Joe’s gluten free mix that is actually really good.  I replaced the egg with a flax egg (flaxseed meal + water) to make them vegan.20130803_111246


I made the little flags for the brownies out of toothpicks and washi tape.  I’m newly obsessed with washi tape.  It’s awesome.  I made little flags for the straws too.

I wish I had pictures to post of the actual party.  Sigh.  But here are a couple of Sam with some of his gifts.



Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Good Morning!

My friend Gina had her bridal shower yesterday and I did a dessert table for it. My first one! I was really, pretty excited to have the opportunity to do it because I’ve been looking for an excuse to make one for a while.

I also loved it because I could start baking a week before and just freeze things as I finished them.

Here’s a shot of the finished table:


Aaron had made the cupcake stand for another party that I had made cupcakes for but it needed a little face lift so we spray painted (with my favorite Heirloom White spray paint) and then I used a glue stick to glue brown 5/8″ ribbon around the edges of the stand. Gina’s wedding is in October so I tried to stick with Fall colors. I used brown and yellow with a tiny bit of pale blue mixed in.

Here are the other sources:

  • The square pedestal cake plates and the giant wine glass are from Marshall’s.
  • The white leaf plate in the front Aaron bought at a yard sale for about $1.
  • The 9×13 pan in the front was a gift from my wedding shower (Target by Giada).
  • The take out containers were leftover from our wedding.
  • The truffles are on a glass cake plate that was my moms which I inherited when she moved to Florida.
  • The flowers are in mason jars also from our wedding with brown ribbon tied around them.


I made the following things for the table:

  • vanilla cupcakes filled with black raspberry jam with vanilla bean buttercream on top (for the toppers, I tinted fondant yellow, stamped it with a little wedding cake stamp and then cut out the circles with a cookie cutter)
  • bittersweet truffles in the back left
  • chocolate cake pops on both sides
  • thumbprints in the front
  • decorated sugar cookies in the front right (decorated with royal icing and then blue fondant flowers on top)
  • swedish fish in the giant wine glass (just because I wanted to buy the giant wine glass)


I made the little description cards with a pack of notecards that were on clearance at Michael’s for $0.49. There was a picture of pie and a shovel on the front of them so I cut out brown squares from card stock and glued it over the picture. Then I printed out the labels and stuck them on. I also cut off the corners of the cards just to make it a little different.


Here is the bridal party. The bride is in the center with the teal dress. I’m in the front right with the dress with the yellow flowers.


And the angry face picture where we are all looking at different cameras..


Good times and I think I love doing dessert tables!

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