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family pic beachWelcome!  My name is Pam, my husband’s name is Aaron and we have a one year old son named Sam.  I’m a stay-at-home mom, formerly working in finance and my husband currently works in finance.  When we’re not chasing Sam around, I like to bake, cook, make lists, read young adult dystopias and historical fiction… and stay active.  You’ll find Aaron reading not exactly mainstream things about politics and the government, criticizing mainstream politics, and joking about the NSA.  We live in Pittsburgh, PA in a little house that we purchased as a foreclosure in 2012.

This blog has an identity crisis — part mom blog, part DIY blog, part food blog.

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25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Pam, I think your blog is very interesting and your food is very tempting. I will definitely try some of your recipes.
    I love cats too and have 3 of them. And I am also a “almost vegetarian”. 🙂
    Keep up with the great work!

  2. Hey! Happy to find you too! There’s lots of us ‘burgh bloggers around. 🙂 And weird… I made a heart shaped pizza too that I blogged about a couple years ago.

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  4. i used to have an evil cat as well. it would latch onto your hand with it’s teeth and claws and then stalk you as you would try to get away!

  5. Pam, I absolutely love your blog! As a fellow Pittsburgh-er, and an almost (in May!) Pitt grad, I get so many great ideas on where/what to eat around the city from reading your entries!

      • I plan on staying in Pittsburgh for the first year or so after graduation, but I think I want to move to Florida after that. Are you and your fiance planning on staying around, as well?

    • Ah that’s exciting! I’m going to go over to your blog and check it out too! How’s the wedding planning going?

  6. Hi Pam,

    I saw that you got married in June at Lingrow Farm – congratulations! I am the blogger for Lingrow Farm’s website and was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a joint post about your experience.

    You can reach me at my email address. I’d love to work with you!


  7. Hi Pam,

    I wanted to reach out to you about a not for profit organization you may be interested in. I do advertising work for them. They are called Running for Laptops. If you could send me an email, I would love to forward you the press kit and more details.


    p.s. I really enjoy keeping up with your blog!

  8. Dear Pam,

    I love the name of your blog and I think your “about Pam” page is adorable.

    My name is Wendelyn, the assistant editor at My Dog Ate My Blog. We have been blogging about politics, education, and technology for a few months now and we think it is about time to start reaching out to other passionate people.

    I would love to have one of our bloggers write a guest post for Pamcakes and Eggs. If you have any topic or style guidelines for guest posts, send them my way. We want to make sure that all edits are made by us but we are more than happy to incorporate your feedback into our post.

    I am looking forward to talking with you more.

    Wendelyn Bailey
    Assistant to the Editor – My Dog Ate My Blog
    Follow us @DogAteBlog

  9. Hey Pam!! This is Joe and I wanted to say that I am baking and it is a blast good way to create great things. I hope all is well, by the way your blog rocks!!

    • Hey Joe!! Thanks for the blog compliments!! How are you? I wonder if you’ll even be notified that I replied to your comment…..?

  10. Pam… My name is Peter Mollica and I am Frank Mollica’s brother. Frank and his wife Marsha were at your wedding and know your parents very well. Your Grandmother called me yesterday and she told me of your blog which looks great.

    If you’re comfortable with it, send me your email address. I would love to email with you. I remember you when you lived next door to your Grandparents. You and T3 were very, very young then. Write back when you can.


  11. Hi Pam!
    I remembered the name of your company from the day your husband brought some cake pops into their office…I think my husband told me he ate 10 that day and only brought home one for me!!!! LOL

    Anyway, my son is having a Halloween party next Monday at his Elementary School and I’m bringing the dessert. I wanted to make cake pops but then realized that with my crazy schedule there is no way I’ll end up havin the time…not to mention it would be my first time making them at all!

    Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve ever tried making Halloween cake pops? I’ve seen some cute recipies in Family Circle (you can find it online). I’m not looking for anything crazy, but was wondering how much you would charge for say 35 cake pops? The mummy recipie looks pretty easy, but what do I know…I’m a horrible baker!

    Anyway, if this isn’t too short of notice, and depending on pricing, if you can let me know if you’re interested, and the price, it would be great!!!


  12. Hi Pam! I just discover your blog and I noticed that we share similar interests. I’m a newlywed too, a foodie and a runner who try to enjoy every minute of her life! I really like to cook and bake, to read blogs, magazines and books, to walk outside, to laugh, to spend time with friends and family… I’m from Canada, but I’ll be moving to Pittsburgh in January for a couple of months with my husband and I would really like to meet new people. I was wondering if you may be interested. Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog yet. You can reach me via Twitter (k_cloutier), or Facebook (Kathleen Cloutier, hometown Québec) or email (k-cloutier@hotmail.com). Thank in advance!

    • Hey thanks for stopping by! Now I just need to get to posting more so you have something to read. Where are you from in Pittsburgh?

  13. PAM!!! WE WANT TO HAVE A B&B, TOO!!! You’re the only other person I’ve met (our age) who wants to do that!!! We won’t for a long time, but it is a dream of ours. Best of a lot of worlds: You get to decorate a lot of rooms (which means lotsa yard sales and antique shops), you get to cook for people (but you don’t have to be up late every night doing it like if you had a restaurant), and you get to entertain over breakfast, the best meal of the day!!! Lots of brunches will happen at our B&B.

    We would love to have you guys over for dinner when things settle down for you! I know it won’t be for a while, but I wanted to throw it out there 🙂

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