A Second Sippy Cup Post

Yesterday I wrote about our sippy cup problems.  Today I’m writing about it again!

Yesterday afternoon, Sam and I headed out to Target to return the first set of sippy cups and bought a kid’s camel bak instead.  Brought it home and filled it up and it seemed to be working great!  Here is Sam with the Camel Bak.  It’s a little hard to hold (no handles or ergonomic shape) but he seemed to like it.

And then Sam left it lying on it’s side on the floor and a pool of water formed around it.  I picked it up, messed with the “spill proof” mechanism and it stopped leaking.  But then after some more drinking later, it started leaking again.  Not just leaking, like pouring out water when it was tilted on it’s side.  So I dug the packaging out of the trash to return this one too.

Today… we made our third pilgrimage in three days to Target to return the Camel Bak and get a new sippy cup.

Target seemed to have replenished their sippy cup supply and they had a new option today.  It’s the Playtex Lil’Gripper.  It’s like the older kid version of the one with handles that worked really well until the handle broke off.  No handles on these ones!  The Amazon reviews on these are mixed so we’ll see how it goes.

We also hung out at the mall for a bit before our Target trip.  (Our Target is in the mall).  Sam played in the kid’s play area there for a while.  That place always stresses me out.  There’s always one kid whose parents are not paying attention to what they’re doing at all and the kid is running wild, knocking over little kids or picking on them or jumping off the tops of things wildly.

Of course Sam loves to walk over to these kids and smile and try to pat them or something.  One day we were there and there was the mad hugger.  It seems cute.  This little girl was obsessed with hugging Sam.  Except Sam could barely walk at the time so she knocked him over like 10 times.  He was getting upset and the mom was no where to be seen.

Then one day we were there and some kid kept pushing Sam and then he kicked Sam!  The dad was on his laptop not paying attention.  Today was pretty mild.  There was a family of kids there that were WILD and one was definitely way too old to be climbing on those things (like teenager) but they didn’t really bug Sam.

Though I’m ranting about the situation, Sam seems to like playing there and looking at the other kids so we keep going back.

Sam is napping now.  Nap #2 today.  Yesterday he just had one really long nap.  His longest nap ever.  2.5 hours!