Sippy Cup Problems. Seriously.

Back to two naps again yesterday. Two decently long naps too.  The second one lasted until 5:20 pm… which pushed Sam’s bed time back to 8 pm.  Aaron went golfing yesterday and was gone until like 9 last night so we were on our own.  This led to Sam and I watching Jeopardy together.  He was surprisingly interested in it.

We took a trip to Target yesterday afternoon to get a new sippy cup.  The first sippy cup we had was the playtex lil’ sipster.

These cups were okay but I got so annoyed with having to tip it back for Sam to drink.  He didn’t really grasp that concept yet and so he couldn’t really get much out of them.  They were easy to clean and didn’t leak but I didn’t like that there was no cover for the spout.

So then I bought a Playtex Baby First Lil’ Gripper Twist n’ Click Straw Trainer Cup.  Sam learned how to drink out of the straw right away and I loved this cup.  It has the little cover for the straw and handles for Sam to hold.  Plus it’s supposed to be leak proof.  Well after about a week, the handle broke after one too many throws off the high chair.  It leaks now too.  I liked this cup enough though that I was just going to buy another one of the same but Target was out of them yesterday.


So I ended up buying these instead.  Munchkin Insulated Straw Cups.

These are TERRIBLE!  First of all, the first time I tried to cover the straw with the cover, the straw got stuck underneath and I had to pull it out.  Then I tried to drink out of it and it’s nearly impossible.  The leak proof mechanism is way too strong.  I could barely get any water out, let alone Sam so I’m returning them.  I can’t believe it’s so hard to find a sippy cup!

I think this time I’m just going to buy a kid’s Camelbak water bottle.  I have a big one and Sam drinks out of it all the time and it’s hit the floor MANY times and is still holding up.  They’re in the sporting goods section of Target if you happen to be looking.

Also, I gave in and bought one of those Snack Traps  which has been great so far.  I put some Puffs and raisins in it and he was able to figure it out but only get one or two out at a time which was perfect.

Yesterday I was googling “best sippy cup” which prompted me to write this little post.

It’s going to be HOT today.  Sam is napping right now.  We took a walk down the street this morning.  Sam and I both walking.  I’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of the day.