Typical Thursday

We had a bit of a failure on the switching to one nap thing Thursday. (I started writing this Thursday night but never got it posted). Sam woke up a bit before 7 like normal.  He had breakfast around 8 then we headed to the gym.  Sam went into the daycare there (and I didn’t get a page to come get him!) for about 45 minutes then we headed home.  It was about 10 when we got home.  I managed to keep him up until 11 again before putting him down for a nap but he was pretty exhausted and miserable by that point.  He went to sleep with no problem but then only slept for an hour and 20 minutes so he was up shortly after noon.  That puts A LOT of time between then and bed time at 7.

He played a little until 1.  Had lunch at 1 then we played some more.  Typical day around here.  I try to clean and also be an interactive mom but also let him have independent play.  Was “independent play” even a phrase 50 years ago?  I’m thinking not.   Ah well.

Wedged between the couch and ottoman.

Around 230 we ventured out in the stroller for a walk to the library.  Sam played there for a while with some other kids and opened and closed the doors of the play kitchen a million times.

Aaron texted me while we were there saying he was on his way home.  woo!  So we strolled back home then Skyped with my parents.  First skype!  Then Aaron had to head out to give a seminar.  Sooo Sam and I were on our own from 5 until 630 when the bed time routine begins.  At this point, Sam was getting pretty tired and grumpy..  I fed him dinner around 515 and he refused to eat anything but bread and puffs.  Normally he’ll eat the other items too but just the bread first.  Not tonight.  So… bread for dinner.

After dinner, we went outside so the neighbor’s dog could distract him until bed time.  We made it until 620 then headed upstairs.  Bath, pjs, nurse, teeth brush (if  you could call Sam’s nightly battle with the tooth brush “brushing”) and then bed at 650.  YES!

And that’s day 2 of 1 nap.  I could have probably tried a second nap Thursday but if he did actually fall asleep, bed time would have been pushed back and I wasn’t having that last night since I was on my own.


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