Chocolate/Chocolate Cupcakes & Vanilla/Strawberry Cupcakes

Good Morning!

I’m sooo happy the week is almost over. AH! Last night I baked cupcakes for a 30th birthday. I baked dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberry filling and covered with strawberry buttercream.

I made cake toppers out of fondant. The blue and yellow ones say Happy Birthday Dana and then I made a few flowers and then I also made a TINY kayak, tennis racket and climbing wall. Oh my gosh these were so hard to make! They’re seriously tiny. I kept smashing the little climbing person and had to remake her. AH!

Chocolate on chocolate with a few chocolate sprinkles on top:



Tiny kayak, climbing wall and tennis racket:


See the tiny climber?


I tried to put some non-pareils on these also but they wouldn’t really stick.


Packaged and ready to go:

Alright time for me to get ready for work. I have to make ten cake pops this evening for Friday but then no baking this weekend I think! Aaron and I don’t have any plans Saturday but then we’re running the Great Race 10k on Sunday!!

Have a good Thursday!


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