Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream (and shaving giant chocolate bars)

It’s 9:03 PM right now. I’ve been sitting on the couch fighting with the fonts on my blog. I finally just gave up and decided to blog instead. Aaron is sitting next to me reading a book for his Women & Literature class. He’s taking undergraduate classes at Pitt right now in preparation for doing the Masters of Education program in a year or two. Teacher husband.

Moving on, I baked this cake yesterday for two coworker’s birthdays. They requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I used my chocolate cake pope recipe and three 9 inch cake pans. I ended up having a little extra batter so Aaron made a tiny 6 inch cake with the leftovers.

(Later in the day, he ate the entire frosted mini-cake after having only eaten scones and tortilla chips all day. He wasn’t feeling very well the rest of that evening…)

Anyway, it’s s three layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream in between each of the layers, covered in chocolate buttercream and sliced almonds on the sides. I shaved some dark chocolate for the chocolate shavings on top.


A little crooked on the cake board.


I made chocolate letters for the top of the cake spelling out Happy Birthday.


The letters:


Please disregard the fact that the cake is swaying to the right…

Good cake. Pictures in natural light. Eating too much frosting throughout the day.

Thumbs up.


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