Christening Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Pops!

Good Morning!

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but I moved my domain name over to my new website for my little bakery that Aaron and I have decided to start! I am still working full-time and Aaron is now working full-time plus taking three classes at PITT so we’ve been pretty busy. I’ve had about 6 or 7 orders so far (one of them being 750 chocolate covered pretzels & 150 cake pops) so we’ve just been baking every weekend and a lot of weeknights.

I finally had some time this morning though to link my blog from the new site so here is how it’s set up right now:

Blog’s URL is

Bakery URL is

There is also a link to my blog from up in the far right corner.

For those of you that have my blog in your readers, it should still work because I just had the wordpress domain pointing to before this. Not entirely sure though but if it doesn’t work, I’ll work on it soon.

Okay done with that junk.

I baked this cake for a coworker’s daughter’s Christening last weekend. The top cake is a 6 inch two layer almond cake with raspberry filling, covered in buttercream and then covered fondant decorations. The cupcakes are also almond cake (two different recipes though) filled with raspberry jam and then almond buttercream on top. I made the cupcake toppers out of fondant too.


My first attempt at fondant teddy bear and booties:


I made mini booties to match the big ones for one of the cupcake toppers too:


20 cupcakes total:

Aaron made the sweet cupcake stand out of wood. He’s my handyman. I made O-L-I-V-I-A blocks out of rice crispy treats covered with fondant.



Plus ten almond cake pops:  




Hope you enjoyed the cake! I had a lot of fun making it for them. wooo




2 thoughts on “Christening Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Pops!

  1. HI… its totally cute… i just wondering if you can help me to price this package out… my friend also planning a baptismal for her daughter this year and i just a call today asking how much if i will do it for her… do u price it individually for the cake, cake pops and the cupcake? I will really appreciate ur advice…

    me and my sisters just starting up… we only have FB page… little sweets by three 3D’s…

    thanks again… Diana

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