My First Fondant Covered Cake

Good Morning!

Yesterday I did my cake trial for the top of the cupcake stand. I made a two layer 6 inch cake, covered it with buttercream and then attempted my first fondant covered cake. I don’t really have too much time this morning to write about it but it went really well! It’s not too hard to cover a 6 inch cake. I’m thinking that it would be very hard to cover a really big cake though. The flowers and leaves are all made with rolled fondant too.

The actual cake for the top level of the wedding cupcake stand will be four layers so it’s going to be twice as tall as this one but this gives you an idea of what it’ll hopefully look like.

A few pictures (I took the cake outside for the lighting…..)






Then Aaron came over to take a shower (we’re remodeling the bathroom at his house so he was covered in dirt) and I made him hold up the cut cake under the kitchen light so I could take a well-lit picture. ha.

Annnnnd off to work!


5 thoughts on “My First Fondant Covered Cake

  1. GORGEOUS CAKE! I have never worked with fondant but am addicted to those cake shows so I definitely know how hard it can be. Looks like you nailed it!

    • Yep, with rolled fondant and tiny cookie cutters. I was intimidated by fondant until I finally tried it. It’s kind of like playing with play-dough!

  2. The cake looks great!! It is too pretty to cut.

    We ordered the cake serving set and it is being delivered tomorrow.

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