Wedding Cupcakes Take 2

This past weekend, I spent a good amount of time working on the dreaded wedding cupcake flowers. I had originally intended to make 150 beautiful, perfectly uniform sugar paste roses for each of the cupcakes. That idea went out the window after three failed attempts. Instead, I made daises. Lots and lots of daises. MUCH easier. It actually wasn’t too bad once I got started. Gluing on (with dots of water) the little tiny white pearls in the center of each was pretty tedious but it’s DONE!


Then I tested a vanilla cupcake recipe. I narrowed it down to three different recipes and but was so happy with the results of this recipe that I’m not even trying the others. These cupcakes are not too sweet and dense enough to hold a filling but not of muffin density. They baked into perfect little rounded tops and did not fall flat after I took them out of the oven. I used this recipe for the cake and this recipe for the butter cream. I filled them with blackberry jam. I tried to fill them with a tiny pastry tip but the blackberry seeds got stuck in the tip. I’m going to get seedless jam for the wedding but for this batch, I cut a little cone out of the top of each, spooned a bit of jam in and replaced the little cone. Otherwise though, both the cupcake and frosting recipes came out perfectly. The recipe made exactly 12 cupcakes at 50 grams each. Yes, I weighed them… I piped the frosting on with my brand new Wilton 1M open star pastry tip. I’m in love.

And the pictures for you: