Wedding Cupcakes Take 1

Well I spent a good portion of the day making cupcakes. Three batches to be exact. The first ones were a big failure. Huge failure. I concluded that it was the stupid cupcake liners that I had purchased for the wedding. They don’t work! They make the cupcakes fall flat and crack. Soo batch number two was baked in normal cupcake liners and they faired a little better but I wasn’t pleased with the light and fluffy cake that it produced.

At this point (with about 20 cupcakes in the trash), I consulted my cookbooks and a few blogs and decided on a different recipe. Of course I ran out of SUGAR so I walked to Giant Eagle to get that and a few other ingredients.

An hour later I was back at my apartment and ready to tackle batch number 3. These ones turned out much better! They were still not quite as dense as I like but the recipe was much easier and didn’t flatten out too much. The recipe yielded 16 cupcakes. I let them cool and then filled them with some strawberry jam. No clue what I was doing… I’ve never filled cupcakes before. I used a tiny pastry tip in the corner of a ziploc baggie and just squeezed some jam into each. It seemed to work pretty well.


Close up:


Then I made some butter cream frosting, tinted it green and frosted about a dozen of the cupcakes:


I had made three sugar paste flowers a few days ago. I’m still working on mastering that but I’ve made some progress. Hopefully they’ll look better by the wedding. It’s a start though. I also need to tweak the frosting so it pipes more smoothly.




All in all, I’m pretty pleased. My kitchen is a huge mess, a tasted too many cupcakes, and I have jelly on my elbow but yeah, pretty pleased.



I have declared next weekend, WEDDING CUPCAKE NIGHTMARE.

Please join me next weekend as I tackle carrot cupcakes, butter cream take 2, and the saga of the sugar paste roses.